• CrowdEye Adds Location And Sentiment Filters To Realtime Search

    Realtime search has come a long way from just a year ago when the only option really was Twitter’s own search engine. Now Google, Bing, and a gaggle of realtime search startups all have products up and running (even Facebook is expanding its own realtime search to include everybody’s public stream). Today, one of those realtime search startups, CrowdEye, released a bunch of… Read More

  • Twitter Turns On The Firehose For Realtime Search Startups

    When it comes to getting access to all the data that flows through Twitter, there are the 50,000 apps that drink from Twitter’s Streaming API, which is subject to various limits. And then there are the chosen few who get the full unlimited firehose of data, the more than 50 million Tweets a day coursing through Twitter. In the past, only select partners, particularly big search engines… Read More

  • The Realtime Agenda For The Realtime CrunchUp

    Over the past few weeks, it’s definitely been crunchtime as we’ve been putting together the panels and demos for our Realtime CrunchUp on November 20 in San Francisco. Get your tickets here. After much back and forth, and with the help of our Realtime Board, we finally have an agenda we are very excited to present (see below). Speakers will include Twitter COO Dick Costolo… Read More

  • As Other Real-Time Search Engines Fizzle, OneRiot Gets Some Early Traction

    While there have been many real-time search engine launches over the past few months (Scoopler, Topsy, Collecta, CrowdEye), most of them so far have fizzled (see Google Website Trends chart above). After an initial burst of curiosity, interest tends to dive. One exception, however, is OneRiot, which appears to be gaining some early traction in the real-time search race. This race has just… Read More

  • CrowdEye Introduces CrowdRank To Real-Time Search

    One of the richest areas of experimentation in search right now is how to rank real-time results. For the most part, that means finding relevance in Twitter and bringing up the most important Tweets for any given keyword (see OneRiot, Collecta,Scoopler). Today, real-time search engine CrowdEye is introducing its own real-time ranking algorithm called CrowdRank. It’s supposed to be… Read More

  • Live Web, Real Time . . . Call It What You Will, It's Gonna Take A While To Get It

    This guest post is written by Mary Hodder, the founder Dabble. Prior to Dabble, Hodder consulted for a number of startups, did research at Technorati and wrote her masters thesis at Berkeley focusing on live web search looking at blog data. Real time search is nothing new. It is a problem we’ve been working on for at least ten years, and we likely will still be trying to solve it ten… Read More