• Criteo Beats Estimates With €194M In Revenue

    Criteo Beats Estimates With €194M In Revenue

    Ad tech company Criteo posted a strong earnings report today, with revenue of €194.4 million (excluding traffic acquisition costs it was €77.6 million) and earnings per share of €0.18. That comes in well ahead of analyst estimates of €72.7 million in revenue (excluding traffic costs) and €0.08 EPS. It also shows revenue growth of 70.9 percent year-over-year, or 65.8 ex-TAC. Read More

  • Criteo Buys AdQuantic, A Startup That Applies Quantum Physics To Search Marketing

    Criteo Buys AdQuantic, A Startup That Applies Quantum Physics To Search Marketing

    We have discovered that Criteo, the French ad tech company that raised $250 million in an IPO on NASDAQ last October, has quietly made an acquisition. It’s bought AdQuantic, another ad tech startup from France co-founded by two doctors of statistical physics, which has developed a bid management tool for search marketing based on game theory, quantum physics and related mathematical models. Read More

  • Criteo Acquires Tedemis For $29 Million, Proving There Is A Nascent Exit Market In France

    Criteo Acquires Tedemis For $29 Million, Proving There Is A Nascent Exit Market In France

    Ad-tech company Criteo just acquired French startup Tedemis for $29 million (€21 million). Originally from France, Criteo went public on the NASDAQ late last year. The company made around $250 million on the day of the IPO. As a reminder, Criteo is a leading advertising retargeting company. For example, if you search for a particular product on an ecommerce website, you will get ads about… Read More

  • Indian Ad Retargeting Startup Vizury Is Raising $20 Million

    Indian Ad Retargeting Startup Vizury Is Raising $20 Million

    Vizury, a Bangalore-based ad retargeting startup, is in talks with investors to raise an additional $20 million by March this year, with existing backer Inventus leading the round, according to sources familiar with the company. The Series C investment is being done reportedly at a $60 – $70 million valuation — perhaps low-sounding to a Silicon Valley ear, but a typical figure for… Read More

  • Saul Klein on Europe's Billion-Dollar Startups

    Saul Klein’s List Of Europe’s Next Billion-Dollar Tech Companies

    Where will the next billion-dollar startups come from? The tech world and most VCs tend to be parochial, looking at Silicon Valley, maybe New York, and a few other hot markets like China and Brazil. But what about the Old Country? Yesterday, I was having coffee with Saul Klein, a partner at Index Ventures and co-founder of Seedcamp. He believes that in every major city across Europe… Read More

  • Here Comes The French Invasion: Bessemer Puts $7 Million Into Ad Retargeting Startup Criteo

    In the online advertising world, one of the hottest trends right now is what is known as ad retargeting. The idea is simple. When you visit a retailer’s or other advertiser’s Website, it drops a cookie on your browser and the next time it sees you pop up on another site it loads an ad from that retailer. You’ve already expressed interest in that advertiser by visiting… Read More

  • Blog Recommendation Startup Outbrain Raises $5 Million

    Funding Monday continues. NY/Israeli startup Outbrain is announcing a $5 million series A financing, led by Gemini Israeli Funds and Lightspeed Venture Partners. GlenRock Israel also put money into the round. The company was founded by Yaron Galai, a co-founder of Quigo (recently sold to AOL for $340 million), and Ori Lahav, previously a technologist at It raised a $1 million… Read More

  • Criteo Raises $10 Million From Index Ventures

    French startup Criteo just raised $10.4 million (7 million Euros) in a B round from Index Ventures, reports TechCrunch France. This is on top of a 3-million-Euro round in April 2006 led by AGF Private Equity and Elaia Partners. Criteo sells recommendation-engine software to e-commerce and content sites. Competitors include Aggregate Knowledge, CleverSet, and ChoiceStream. Discovery is hot… Read More