Woman Toe-Types For Help After Burglar Ties Her Up

This is pretty insane. A woman in Atlanta was the victim of a burglary, during which she was tied to her bed as the robber made off with her valuables and car (2009 Acura TSX, BGU-8496 if you see it c

Outrage: Man loses finger during iPad robbery

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Apple</a> says the <a HREF="">iPad</a

Postal worker helps himself to $86,000 worth of Gamefly games

<img src="">Whoops. Philadelphia-area Gamefly members who have been wondering why in the hell they never got their rented copies of Cook

Advice: If your Internet connection drops out while playing an online game, don't stab a random person

<img src="" />Oh, dear. We've all been there: you're playing your favorite game online, and then WHAM-O~! you lose your Internet connectio

Don't try to steal Nintendo DS games from Wal-Mart

<img src="" />Well this is the dumbest story I've ever heard, and I've heard a lot of them! Once upon a time, there was a fugitive in Lee

The ‘anti-stab’ knife that works just fine in the kitchen but can't kill a man

<img src="" />The average American probably doesn't know this, but there's a <i>huge</i> problem with knife-crime in the UK. (That's what

If you buy a phone in Mexico, you now have to get fingerprinted

<img src="" />It's wrongheaded legislation gone wild! Monday saw a law passed in Mexico that will establish a national register o

ATM hackers nicked $9 million in 30 minutes

<img src="" /> In a coordinated attack spanning 130 ATMs in 49 cities, <a href="

APB: Be on the lookout for a Klingon robbing Colorado convenience stores

<img src="">If you live near Colorado Springs, take warning as a masked man armed with a Klingon “Batleth” (above photo) robbed two

Clever: Valve tried to offer job to guy who stole Half-Life 2 source code

Ha! Remember when the Half-Life 2 source code was stolen a few years ago, showing up all over BitTorrent, IRC and the like? It turns out that Valve, once it was able to determine who was responsible (

Student trying to alert school to computer vulnerability instead charged with three felonies

Dear school administrators, What’s the best way to ensure that your computer network remains riddled with security vulnerabilities that leave you, your personnel and [someone think of the] schoo

Man arrested in connection with 100 stolen copies of Gears of War 2, Fable II

Some genius stole more than 100 copies of Fable II and Gears of War 2 from a Tennessee warehouse, selling a number of them on the black market. The man, Technicolor employee Rodney Gray, was found wit

Servers compromised at World Bank, senior technology manager calls it an ‘unprecedented crisis’

Whoops. Fox News is reporting that the World Bank is smack-dab in the middle of what “may be the worst security breach ever at a global financial institution.” It’s not really clear what exactly

Send your cellphone photos and video to NYC's 911, 311

New Yorkers now have something constructive to do with the cellphone’s photo and video cameras. As of yesterday, New York City’s 911 and 311 (that’s for dumb things like, there&#8217

‘40 Year Old Virgin’ supporting actor suspected of stabbing girlfriend

Photo Credit: Remember this guy from The 40 Year Old Virgin? Haziz? From the very Circuit City-like Smart Tech store? Apparently he’s been arrested in connection with the attempted mur

Using mobile phones for upskirts? Not as common in Japan as you might think

Japanese sex offender busted by Japanese police and passengers in Tokyo (from Flickr) A number of blogs (this one, for example) picked up a posting of a Japanese journalist who reported that Apple add

Japanese company offers flashlight with integrated video camera for use at crime scenes

Japanese accessory maker Carrot Systems began to sell a flashlight [JP] last month, which is able to record video and sound via an integrated mini CMOS camera and microphone. The AD-1500 stores record

Rockstar Games sending out promotional weapons

Word on the street has it that those wacky folks over at Rockstar Games are sending out promotional Grand Theft Auto IV metal bats, to encourage the gift giving aspects of the game. Popular Mechanics

Is using someone else's Wi-Fi an actual crime?

There was an adorable article in Time magazine last week about Wi-Fi theft. The author, Lev Grossman, admits to being a “Wi-Fi thief” for several years, using his neighbors’ unsecure

New Yorkers robbed when trying to buy iPhones off Craigslist

Would you go to a notoriously bad neighborhood to buy an iPhone you found advertised on Craigslist? As many as 12 people here in New York did, and got robbed for their troubles. A ring of four thugs l
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