• Dude Proposes To Lady Friend Over Home Entertainment Center

    A Crestron home entertainment equipment installer named Ilya had an idea: why not use his impressive home theatre “demo room” and a bunch of cool gear to propose to his lady friend? At a Breakfast At Tiffany’s-themed birthday party, Ilya prepared a little short that he showed on his main theatre screen and could control remotely. In the video – seen above – he… Read More

  • The Crestron iPanel iPad Sleeve Attempts To Squeeze $500 From The Affluent Home Automation Crowd

    The iPad is making a big dent in the home automation field just like I thought it would mainly because it offers so many more advantages over the traditional remotes found in the space for a fraction of the price. $500 home automation remotes tend look like your Comcast DVR remote and so the iPad is quickly crashing that market. So much so that instead of work against it, most home… Read More

  • CrunchGear: 16-Zone Creston system found on Craigslist

    A 16-zone Creston system will run you a lot of coin – or you can pick up this chump’s system on Craigslist. I wonder if he used to work for Lehmans Brothers and needs to his McMansion’s mortgage payment. I have a Crestron system currently installed in my house that I would like to sell. All components are in excellent working condition, one Amplifier has two small… Read More