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Klarna credit card launches in the US as Swedish fintech grows its market presence

Spade digs into credit card fraud detection intelligence following new capital raise

When a card is swiped or typed, the issuer sends Spade the data in real-time, and that transaction is linked with a verified merchant identity.

Forever 21 data breach affects half a million people

Clothing giant Forever 21 said a data breach earlier in the year affects more than half a million individuals. A data breach notice filed with Maine’s attorney general said the fashion giant was

Greenlight’s new credit card helps teens, their parents build credit together

Greenlight gets into the credit card game, offering families up to 3% cash back on all purchases with the Greenlight Family Cash Card.

Gnosis launches Visa card that lets you spend self-custody crypto in Europe, soon US and Hong Kong

The world of cryptocurrency has often been criticized for being exclusive, catering primarily to speculators and crypto-savvy individuals. Despite this, many advocates believe that the underlying dece

Spade turns credit card transaction gibberish into clear, actionable data

Spade’s technology “cleans” credit card data and enriches it with actual merchant identities, logos, business hours and spending history.

X1 gets 50% valuation boost, aims to give consumers a way to buy stocks via credit card reward points

X1, a consumer fintech startup which recently launched an income-based credit card to the public, has raised an additional $15 million in funding.  This round caught our attention for a few reasons.

Bilt Rewards’ valuation jumps to $1.5B following new $150M growth round

Bilt Rewards creates loyalty programs and a co-branded credit card for property renters and now has a program for renters to find homes for the same monthly payment.

This company wants to improve your credit by gamifying financial literacy

Arro provides a credit card and credit-building platform, and its proprietary underwriting model relies on income data.

Samsung launches credit card in India

Samsung has launched two credit cards in India, entering a crowded category that sees more than 50 companies fiercely compete for consumers’ attention in the world’s second largest interne

Fintech startup Power flexes its credit card muscle following $316M equity, debt injection

Power’s credit card program is designed for companies, brands and banks to offer embeddable fintech experiences into existing mobile and web applications. 

Samsung says customer data stolen in July data breach

Electronics giant Samsung has confirmed a data breach affecting customers’ personal information. In a brief notice, Samsung said it discovered the security incident in late-July and that an &#82

The party’s over: Tips for tracking and reporting monthly startup expenses and revenue

With more VC funds wanting to see where every dollar is spent, it is essential CEOs understand how to accurately track and report monthly expenses and revenue.

It’s time to get technical with your cash flow

Despite all the talk about cash, early-stage companies rarely scrutinize their inflows and outflows at a level that can unlock peak efficiency.

X1’s income-based credit card is about to launch publicly

The credit card market has become increasingly crowded, with consumer fintech startups locked in a fierce competition to differentiate their offerings through branding, rewards programs and even crypt

DEUNA enters Latin America’s crowded one-click checkout sector flush with $37M

The company is targeting the region's challenges of customer acceptance, conversion and fraud with its "Commerce 3.0" payment infrastructure. 

Sava, a spend management platform for African businesses, gets $2M pre-seed backing

When Yoeal Haile started Aspira, a lending service, in 2017, he wanted to give Kenyans more choice about buying stuff on credit. The business eventually grew to a point where it offered over $1 millio

Fintech Kasheesh wants financially strained customers to say ‘bye’ to BNPL

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) products have become incredibly popular with users, and both startups and tech behemoths such as Apple have taken notice. But BNPL companies have attracted some controversy,

Constrafor grabs $106M in equity, credit to finance construction subcontractors

Constrafor provides a platform for general contractors to organize subcontractors on each project and also a lending program so subcontractors don't have to wait months to get paid.

Onramp Funds accelerates e-commerce financing platform with $42M in equity, credit

The company provides working capital based on sales forecast data to resolve the shipping, fulfillment, advertising and inventory cost of goods for e-commerce sellers.
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