Tumblr+ kills Post+, its ill-fated subscription offering for creators

Tumblr’s ill-fated Post+ subscription service is shutting down, the company announced late on Monday. The service, which allowed creators to paywall select content for subscribers only, will no

Mozaic raises $20 million to build payment-splitting solution for creators

Creators often work with different collaborators for different projects. And splitting payments with others is one of the biggest challenges for creators. Mozaic (previously Jammber) is trying to solv

Twitch launches Privacy Center to educate users about their personal data

In the name of transparency and accessibility, Twitch launched its new Privacy Center to educate users, after conducting “extensive research” and finding that many of its users had no idea

YouTube adapts its policies for the coming surge of AI videos

YouTube today announced how it will approach handling AI-created content on its platform with a range of new policies surrounding responsible disclosure as well as new tools for requesting the removal

Obskur’s Character Creator and marketplace streamlines VTubing

To stream as their ethereal alter ego, Mai, a VTuber known as M41H41, typically had to juggle at least four to seven different programs. Running all of them at once, however, was both mentally exhaust

Elon Musk says X is changing its algorithm to highlight smaller accounts

The company formerly known as Twitter is preparing to roll out a “major update” to its algorithm, according to a recent post by X owner Elon Musk. While today the app’s For You feed

TikTokers are sharing Palestinian family recipes to raise money for aid

“This is Palestinian falafel, and this is my Palestinian grandmother,” TikTok creator Vegan Bodegacat says in a voiceover as her grandmother blends soaked chickpeas with fresh parsley, the

Creators have mixed feelings about TikTok’s new monetization program

TikTok is revamping its system for paying creators. With its new Creativity Program, which incentivizes users to make videos longer than one minute, the platform estimates that creators can make more

TikTok is shutting down its Creator Fund in favor of its newer Creativity Program

TikTok has announced that it’s shutting down its original $1 billion Creator Fund and shifting the focus to its newer Creativity Program. Starting December 16, the Creator Fund will be discontin

Agentio is building a platform for YouTubers to sell ad slots in their videos

Should you devote a considerable amount of time to YouTube, you’ll likely encounter videos in which the creators discuss the sponsors supporting their content. Agentio is building a platform for

Quora’s Poe introduces an AI chatbot creator economy

When you think of the term “creator” you generally think of someone making content for social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube or Instagram. But Quora’s AI chatbot platform Poe i

TwitchCon 2023 was better than last year, but everyone hated Las Vegas

Compared to the shitshow that went down last year, TwitchCon Las Vegas was largely a success. The problem? Nobody liked Las Vegas.  This year’s TwitchCon appeared to mitigate last year’s crowding

YouTube’s latest features aim to help creators make more money from shoppable videos

Only weeks after TikTok Shop’s entry into the U.S. market, YouTube today is making it easier for consumers to shop products presented by its own creator community. The company is introducing new

Twitch launches stories for streamers

Ahead of TwitchCon Las Vegas, Twitch is launching stories for streamers to connect with their audience even when they aren’t live. Partners and Affiliates who have streamed at least once for 45

Lanch, which creates food delivery brands for influencers, gobbles up $6.9M

Two of the biggest drivers of growth on social and e-commerce platforms have been food and influencers, so it should come as no surprise that startups are now getting in on the act in trying to combin

Twitch adds anti-harassment features to stop banned users from watching streams

Twitch streamers can finally block banned users from watching their streams, thanks to a recent update to the platform’s anti-harassment features. Twitch first announced the feature in August. T

TikTok’s Effect Creator Rewards fund now has lower eligibility requirements, an updated payout model and more

TikTok is updating its Effect Creator Rewards program with lower eligibility requirements, a revamped payout model, reduced payout increments and a lower threshold to start collecting rewards. The $6

Republicans still don’t know how to talk to young voters online

In an appeal to younger voters, Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy — who proposed raising the voting age to 25 — launched his TikTok presence with an endorsement from Jake Paul, the

Kick streamers consider leaving over CEO’s comments in a sex worker ‘prank’ stream

Streamers are leaving Kick en masse in protest of the platform’s lack of safety guidelines, after a prominent creator streamed an encounter with a sex worker without informing her that there were ot

Meta filmed Mr Beast, Paris Hilton and 26 more to build celebrity AIs based on Llama 2

Actors are in the middle of a major, protracted battle with Hollywood over what role AI will be playing in the future of entertainment, and how they’ll be compensated for that when those AIs are
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