TikTok launches Effect Creator Rewards, a new fund that pays creators for popular AR effects

TikTok is introducing a new way for creators to monetize their content on its platform. The company announced today that it’s launching a new “Effect Creator Rewards” fund that will

Sex workers explain why blue check stigma and #BlockTheBlue aren’t so straightforward

Not every new blue check on Twitter is a fan of Elon Musk. As Twitter’s iconic blue check shifts from a badge of legitimacy to a signal that you pay the company eight dollars a month, some high-prof

Snap signs new music licensing deals to expand its Sounds library

Snap has signed a deal with multiple music labels to expand its Sounds library, the social app’s product that lets people use song clips in Snaps and Stories. The company said participating labe

Creator CRM company Pico rebrands to Hype, raises $10 million

Creator CRM company Pico is now rebranding as Hype and launching Hype Kits, which are pre-designed web templates for different kinds of creators looking to build a landing page. The company is also ra

Despite uncertain US future, TikTok launches Branded Effects for marketers

While the U.S. government debates TikTok’s future following last week’s congressional hearing, the video entertainment platform today announced a new product called Branded Effects aimed a

‘So infuriating’: TikTokers are fuming over potential ban

In the aftermath of TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew’s brutal five-hour Congressional hearing on Thursday, TikToker and disinformation researcher Abbie Richards summed up what so many creators were think

TikTok begins blocking links to app store pages from creators’ bios

TikTok has begun blocking links to app stores in creators’ bios, TechCrunch learned and the company confirmed. The block, which will have significant impact on CPI (cost per install) campaign deals

YouTube relaxes controversial profanity and monetization rules following creator backlash

YouTube announced today that it’s relaxing the controversial profanity rules that it introduced toward the end of last year. The company says the new rules ended up creating a “stricter ap

Sequoia-backed Bento wants be more than a link-in-bio tool for creators

There are as many link-in-bio tools available for creators as the number of links they typically display on their pages. But there is one more addition to it. Sequoia-backed startup Bento is launching

TikTok is reportedly developing a paywall feature and testing a revamped creator fund

After seeing its audience growth in the U.S. stall last year, TikTok is looking to spur growth with new initiatives, including paywalled videos and a revamped creator fund, according to a new report f

YouTube launches its new commercial music licensing resource, Creator Music

YouTube today announced its new marketplace, Creator Music, is now fully open to all YouTube Partner Program participants in the U.S. First announced last September, the online destination offers a la

Instagram expands access to Reels-focused tipping feature, Gifts

Instagram announced today it’s expanding access to a new monetization feature called Gifts to more creators across the U.S. The feature, which first began testing last year, allows fans to provi

TikTok introduces a strike system for violations, tests a feature to ‘refresh’ the For You feed

TikTok today is announcing several changes to its service, including what it claims will be increased enforcement against bad actors as well as tests of new user-facing tools that will force a refresh

Twitter discontinues CoTweets, says will debut text attachments next week

Twitter announced Tuesday that it is discontinuing CoTweeting, a feature that let two users co-author a tweet. The company said that the feature will immediately cease to exist. Users will be able to

YouTube plans to modify profanity rules that prompted creator backlash

YouTube’s gaming community pushed back against the company this week after some creators saw their old videos demonetized out of the blue. The culprit is a new policy that the company introduced

TikTok launches a Talent Manager Portal so managers can negotiate brand deals for clients

TikTok is making it easier for brands to work with its “megastar” creators with an update to its Creator Marketplace that now invites talent managers to oversee, execute and analyze the br

D’Amelio family’s new footwear line to launch May 2023

TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio have been working to translate their social media success into a business empire with help from their parents, Marc and Heidi. In addition to brand deals a

Cameo now offers kid-friendly personalized videos from CoComelon, Blippi, Thomas the Tank Engine

Cameo today launched Cameo Kids, its new video messaging service that features personalized videos from popular animated characters like Thomas the Tank Engine, JJ, Cody, Cece and Nina from “CoComel

Pinterest shuts down its ‘Creator Rewards’ program

Pinterest has shut down its Creator Rewards program that allowed creators to earn money by creating content around monthly prompts and achieving certain engagement goals. “The Creator Rewards pr

Linktree intros Payment Lock, paywalls creators can put around individual pieces of media

Looking for more ways to grow its revenue, Linktree knows the way to creators’ hearts and wallets: by building more tools to help them make money. Today the “link in bio” startup, wh
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