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Adobe Express launches an enterprise tier with generative AI tools

Adobe launched the enterprise tier of its creative application Adobe Express today at the company’s Adobe Summit event. The enterprise subscription will also let organizations access Adobe Firef

Adobe launches Creative Cloud Express, an update to Adobe Spark

Adobe today launched Creative Cloud Express, a mobile and web app that brings some of the best features of the company’s sprawling Creative Cloud Suite and Acrobat PDF tools into a single applic

Adobe Photoshop gets new AI smarts with neural filters, sky replacement and more

Adobe is betting big on its Sensei AI platform, and so it’s probably no surprise that the company also continues to build more AI-powered features into its flagship Photoshop applications. At it

Adobe Dimension CC can now render images in the cloud

Adobe today announced the latest release of Dimension, the company’s 2D and 3D compositing tool and one of the newest members of its Creative Cloud suite. The two highlights of the new release

Typekit is now Adobe Fonts and part of all Creative Cloud plans

Adobe today announced that Typekit, the company’s subscription service and marketplace for fonts that it acquired in 2011, is getting a new name. The service is now called Adobe Fonts. What&#821

InVision takes on Adobe with the introduction of Studio

InVision, the collaborative prototyping tool used by more 3 million people, has been around since 2011. But today, InVision is taking on the full stack with the announcement of its own Photoshop compe

You can now download Adobe’s new Project Felix 3D compositing tool

A few weeks ago, Adobe announced its Project Felix 2D/3D compositing tool at its MAX conference in San Diego. The announcement was one of the highlights of the event, but, sadly, the application was

Adobe updates its Creative Cloud apps

Adobe is hosting its annual MAX conference for its creative community in San Diego this week. Unsurprisingly, the company is using this event, which will feature keynotes by the likes of Quentin Taran

Adobe Launches Animate CC, Previously Known As Flash Professional

Adobe today officially launched Animate CC, the latest version of its animation tool for the web. Animate CC was previously known as Flash Professional, but the importance of Flash has (thankfully) d

Adobe Brings Photoshop Mix, Brush CC, Shape CC And Color CC To Android

Adobe launched four new Android apps today (slightly ahead of schedule). While the company has long offered iOS tools for popular apps like Photoshop, Lightroom and others, it has generally not made

Adobe Picks Up 517K Creative Cloud Subscribers In Its FQ1

In its most recent financial period, Adobe picked up 517,000 net new subscribers to its Creative Cloud product, helping the company generate $1.11 billion in revenue, and adjusted profit of $0.44 per

Adobe’s Creative SDK Brings Key Creative Cloud Features To Third-Party Apps

As part of its larger Creative Cloud update and hardware launch, Adobe today announced an SDK that will soon bring some of the cloud-based features available in the company's new mobile apps to third-

Adobe Partners With MakerBot and Shapeways To Bring 3D Printing Support To Photoshop, Adds Perspective Warp Tool & Resets 30-Day Trials

Adobe today launched the latest update to its subscription-based <a target="_blank" href="">Creative Cloud</a> suite. While the company is updating a va

Adobe’s Creative Cloud Surpasses 1M Subscribers, But Q3 2013 Revenue Falls To $995.1M

Adobe today reported quarterly earnings for its third financial quarter of the year. While the company <a target="_blank" href="

Adobe Makes Life Easier For Web Designers, Adds Easy Export From Photoshop To Edge Reflow

Adobe is launching the latest update for <a target="_blank" href="">Photoshop CC</a> today. Besides numerous smaller feature additions, this new version add

Adobe Launches $9.99/Month Photography Program With Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, Behance And 20GB Of Online Storage

Adobe today announced its Photography Program, which for $9.99 per month offers photographers who own a previous copy of Photoshop (starting with CS3) access to a “lite” version of Creativ

Adobe Photoshop CC Proves That The Cloud Isn’t A Cure-All Refuge From Software Piracy

Adobe released Photoshop CC this week, as part of its Creative Cloud-only revamp of the entire Creative Suite of software products it offers. The new version of Photoshop offers some exclusive new fea

Adobe Acqui-hires Thumb Labs To Make Mobile Apps For Behance And Its New Creative Cloud

Another step for Adobe in its bid to become the go-to place in the cloud for those working in design and other creative industries: it is acquiring Thumb Labs, a bootstrapped, New York-based mobile ap

Adobe Goes All-In With Subscription-Based Creative Cloud, Will Still Sell CS6 For Now But Will Stop Developing It

Adobe believes its future lies in digital distribution and subscriptions – and it’s about to bet the company on this. As Adobe announced at its Max conference in Los Angeles today, it&#821

Adobe Debuts Photoshop CC, With RAW Editing As A Filter And Advanced Camera Shake Reduction

Adobe is having its annual MAX conference this week, and today it lifted the lid on a number of new products, including Photoshop CC, the new, Creative Cloud-era version of its incredibly popular phot
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