Chaos as global IT failure takes out all British Airways flights out of London

British Airways has a problem. Its new IT system has completely crashed five times inside a year, and today it added a sixth global crash to the roster. All flights from Heathrow and Gatwick have been

Apple Resets App Ratings For Developers Affected By App Crashing Bug, But Negative Reviews Remain

One more update on <a href="">this week's "app-ocalypse"</a> - Apple says it has resol

Apple Responds To And Fixes App Crashing Issues, DRM Software To Blame

Just a quick update on the <a href="">issues plaguing Apple's iOS and Mac App Stores</a>:

FairPlay DRM May Be To Blame For Widespread iOS & Mac App Crashes

Developers are frustrated over what appears to be an issue with corrupt app store binaries being served by Apple, which is leading otherwise functional iOS and Mac applications to immediately crash up