• iPhone App Store rewards the lazy

    An anonymous programmer made something called the Sound Grenade for the App Store and gave it away free. It took him all of an hour to write – it’s just a button you press to make an annoying sound – and put it up for all and sundry. How he’s seen 100,000 downloads and is basically making $200 an hour using an in-app advertising system. Read More

  • Sony promises crapware-free computing by the summer

    Pocketables is reporting that Sony will offer all of its PC and laptops with “Fresh Start” um… installed? Uninstalled? For those who don’t remember, “Fresh Start” was Sony’s acceptance that its laptops and PCs were so loaded with crapware when the came from the factory that they were almost unusable. Business buyers could opt to get a “Fresh… Read More

  • The Futurist: Simple Ways Gadgets Could Be Better

    We love gadgets. And, like everything we love, gadgets piss us off. So many times, I’ve held a product and thought to myself: “This would be perfect, if only…” The fact is, even with countless generations and web forums full of fuming fans, companies still repeat numerous mistakes. Mistakes that feel like a slap to the face of hard-working gadgeteers everywhere. For… Read More