Clamshell home projector cheap, probably of poor quality

<img src="" />File this under "sounds too good to be true". A Chinese artist has designed a projector into a clamshell, w

Brando harnesses the power of the sun, charges your crap

I can honestly say that I’d buy one of these things, but don’t the Solio solar chargers do the same thing? Oh, yeah, they do. Nevermind.

Remote Control Finder helps you find your remote controls

So here’s a problem many face: You’ve got your various remotes for you home theater set up, and you haven’t gotten yourself a high-end universal yet. The problem is the less you use

Austrian designer phone worth as much as a Tesla Roadster

Admit it: at some point, you’ve lost your cellphone. That’s why we don’t see any reason to spend $134,000 on a new one, even if it is gold-plated and encrusted with more diamonds tha

3/4 of attendees walk out of Uwe Boll's cinematic treatment of Postal

We make fun of Uwe Boll quite a bit on here, mostly because he’s a horrible director who seems to specialize in destroying would-be cool films based on video games. Not only is he bad at making

Image: Verizon pushing 4G handsets already? Nope!

Verizon Wireless is running a large, nation-wide 3G network. This much is known. They don’t yet have a 4G network, though we know they’re doing trials now of LTE, or Long Term Evolution, a

Rumor: Comcast mulling 250GB/month download caps

Comcast doesn’t like its customers. Well, not all of them, especially those who actually take advantage of the massive amounts of bandwidth it makes available, and is preparing to penalize those

Blue sunglasses will make your food look gross, and they're supposed to

[photopress:08426s1.jpg,full,right]In Japan, people are fat because the food looks too good. Or so the reasoning goes behind these blue-tinted shades which, according to the company that makes them, w

Homeland Security: "Bloggers are dangerous!"

[photopress:blogger.jpg,full,center] The US Governemnt is staging a terrorist-like War Game, called “Cyber Storm”, to simulate an attack against our country’s infrastructure, ala Die

The most expensive cellphone in the world doesn't even do QWERTY

[photopress:crapface.jpg,full,center]Recently, a friend of mine from Nepal admonished me that if I took 1/10th of the money I spend going out on the weekends for three months, I could buy books, food,

The Horror! The Horror! Vibram's Fivefingers of Suck

Sometimes when you see something, you immediately wish you could un-see it. That is where I stand with the Vibram Fivefingers sports sandals. These “shoes” are like ruggedized toe socks, w

One Editor's Opinion: Your iPhone "App" Sucks

This morning, we happened to find a particular “web application” that was already being touted as an “iPhone application”. It’s called OneTrip and guess what? It’s

Gadget Holster: Bring Out Your Inner "Nerdy Harry"

While I agree that pocket bloat is a problem that needs a solution, the gadget holster is not it. In short, it’s a belt that has a bag attached with pockets for your iPod, cellphone, memory stic

Roll Shades: You Know You Want Them (If You're 10)

The Roll Shades aren’t just convenient, they’re badass. Collapsable sunglasses have been around since the ’80s, which is when these were apparently designed. Unlike most collapsable

Transformers T-Shirts: Cooler Than the Movie! (That's Sarcasm)

In the latest in my unofficial series on questionable hi-tech apparel, it pains me to bring you news of T-shirts you shouldn’t buy that feature my favorite robots in disguise, the Transformers.

The End of Human Civilization I: Landline MP3 Ringtone Thing

If you’ve got $12 to blow and want to guarantee I never speak to you again, you might consider investing in a Magic Ringtone MP3 Ringer. Sure, ringtones are nothing new, but this horrid little d

Car Costumes Make This Cynic Sick

When I first came across the “car costumes”, I was confused. Then I saw the photograph, and I was aghast. They are, sadly, exactly what they sound like: costumes for your hoopty. The first

Feature: Ten Lamest Fake Movie Gadgets Ever

One of the staples in any good geek-tastic film is unusual gadgets. How many of us lust after lightsabers? You know you’d love to have a real one, so would I. But not everything that screenwriters,

Million Dollar Laptop: Notebook for the Super-Idiot Super-Rich

Dear Millionaires, When I came across the Million Dollar Laptop, I was astounded by the idea that anyone would pay one million dollars for something like this. As near as we can tell, it’s a fai

A Deeper Look at Wal-Mart's Digital Downloads Service

Wal-Mart has landed what at first blush appears to be a solid punch to Apple’s gut, signing a deal with all six major movie studios for movie downloads, a feat the inventor of the marketplace co
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