Craig Donato

  • Social Commerce And The New Rules For Local Businesses

    Social Commerce And The New Rules For Local Businesses

    Editor’s note: Guest writer Craig Donato is the CEO of Oodle, a social maretplace that powers the Facebook Marketplace. Ecommerce today is imbued with the same DNA that runs through Google. It’s automated. It’s algorithmic. It’s certainly not human. And the marketing campaigns that are built with this DNA are similarly data-driven. They employ number-crunchers to… Read More

  • Will the Real "eBay of Social" Please Stand Up? (TCTV)

    In the venture business being ahead of your time can be almost as bad as being late to a market. But the other great thing about the venture business is there are exceptions to every rule. Craig Donato is hoping that Oodle is the exception to that one. He’s spent more than ten years building a social classified company, powering the marketplaces for, MySpace and Facebook… Read More