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Simplify looks to AI to help with job searches and applications

Job searching is a drag by any measure. Entering the same information into applications over and over even more so. It feels like a process that is ripe for a digital update, and Simplify, an early-st

Respell wants to help non-technical end users spin up AI-powered workflows

When Respell founder Matthew Rastovac was in high school, he did an internship where his job was to copy information from a government website into a spreadsheet. It was mind-numbing work, so being an

Agentio is building a platform for YouTubers to sell ad slots in their videos

Should you devote a considerable amount of time to YouTube, you’ll likely encounter videos in which the creators discuss the sponsors supporting their content. Agentio is building a platform for

Peer-to-peer fashion rental marketplace Pickle picks up $8 million

New York-based peer-to-peer fashion rental marketplace Pickle, which lets users earn passive income from their closets, is readying an expansion with the close of an $8 million seed round. The company

Bandana is building a platform to help hourly wage workers find better jobs

Bandana’s co-founder and CEO Timothy Makalinao grew up in a working class household and saw firsthand how hard it can be for hourly wage employees to find decent work and support a family. When he l

Verifiable validates its healthcare credentialing software with another $27M

Verifiable integrates APIs with real-time verification technology to help healthcare organizations shorten the time it takes to credential providers from weeks to days.

Equals secures $16M investment to supercharge spreadsheets

Equals, a San Francisco-based startup ambitiously aiming to challenge Excel’s dominance with a supercharged spreadsheet, today announced that it raised $16 million in a Series A funding round le

Craft Ventures leads $11.5M into meez’s culinary recipe tool

Meez digitally manages and executes recipe workflow, from creation and cost to organization and training.

ConverseNow expands its drive-thru ordering tech as it bags another $10M

A problem has always existed in drive-thrus, but the technology has “never existed to solve the problem and is still not there 100%," according to ConverseNow CEO Vinay Shukla.

Explo garners $12M Series A as BI dashboard service gains traction

The last time we spoke to Explo, the early-stage startup was announcing its $2.3 million seed round. That was back in November, 2020, a very different time, and a lot has happened since then for the Y

X1’s income-based credit card is about to launch publicly

The credit card market has become increasingly crowded, with consumer fintech startups locked in a fierce competition to differentiate their offerings through branding, rewards programs and even crypt

Endurance events marketplace Let’s Do This raises $60M Series B led by Craft and Headline

The appropriately named endurance (so: running, triathlon, cycling, etc.) events marketplace Let’s Do This (a YC alumni) appeared a couple of years ago listing all kinds of endurance activities glob

Bubbles aims to supercharge chats with async video messaging

Bubbles, a startup that pitches its platform as the “anti-Zoom” for video messaging, today announced that it closed an $8.5 million funding round led by Khosla Ventures, Craft Ventures, St

Mozart Data raises $15M to help startups spin up a data stack

Setting up a stack of data tools is a difficult exercise for any startup to undertake, involving picking and choosing among a wide variety of tools and approaches. Mozart Data’s founders have a

OpenPhone raises $40M to replace your work phone and office PBX with an app

Pam answering the phone at Dunder Mifflin became one of the most iconic refrains from “The Office,” and it’s really no wonder that it did: Businesses big and small have long run on c

Atrium grabs fresh capital to help sales teams meet their quota

Is sales management having a “Money Ball moment?”

Scratchpad nabs $33M Series B to continue building sales workspace

Scratchpad, a startup that is building a tool to make it easier for salespeople to enter data into Salesforce, has expanded that mission to give access to the information it’s collecting to the

Woflow structures merchant data so food ordering can be more accurate

Woflow's data structuring platform powers some of our favorite food delivery apps so the next time you ask for "no bun," you actually get what you order.

Meez keeps recipes in one place so chefs can continue whipping up culinary delights

Meez is a kitchen collaboration tool, recipe keeper and progression, training and prep all rolled into one.

First Resonance brings its space-scale manufacturing OS to hardware makers with $14M A round

First Resonance makes software for making hardware. The company’s Ion platform provides an all-in-one option for anyone who has to manage manufacturing lines, supply chains, engineering and desi
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