My white iPhone 3G crack

Ladies and gentlemen, I present my iPhone 3G crack. This appeared after a day of fairly heavy usage with lots of pulling in and out of the pocket and briefcase. I didn’t sit on it or smash it bu

iPhone firmware 2.0 decrypted, jailbroken, and certified

Coming soon to the iPhone: The rotating teapot program! iPhone firmware 1.2 AKA 2.0 has been completely jailbroken and decrypted and the phine pholks at the iPhoneDevTeam have figured out how to spoof

Daily Crunch: Glowworm Edition

Tron Coming to Xbox Live Arcade The Coolest Halo 3 Figurines Ever Hippy Bath in a Bag LawnBott, Where Have You Been All These Years? Why You Can’t Just Go Ahead and Post“09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8

Apple TV Free-for-All

I’ve been following the supposed Apple firmware anti-hack updates and I’m glad to say my refusal to post fifteen things about how Apple is against the hax0rs was validated by Engadget and

It's Official: Blu-Ray DRM Cracked

, Janvitos has decrypted a full Blu-Ray movie without even owning any Blu-Ray equipment. This is very embarrassing. Full DVD decryption took a few years, at least in any usable form. This took…