TC’s Original Content podcast watches the Emmys and goes to Disrupt

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Sony’s streaming service Crackle unveils its plans for VR content…and VR ads

VR content will soon be arriving on yet another digital streaming service — this time, Sony’s Crackle. But it will also include VR-enabled ads, the company announced today. That is, in ad

Sony’s Jack Tretton: PS Vita Will Get Hulu Plus And Crackle Apps “Soon”

Like Microsoft did in their own press conference earlier today, Sony was quick to point out that their consoles aren't just gaming gadgets -- they're great for consuming media too. To further ceme

After Netflix, Roku's streaming players arrive in the UK, Ireland (starting at £49.99)

<img src="" class="shot2" /> One day after <a href="

After Netflix, Roku’s streaming players arrive in the UK, Ireland (starting at £49.99)

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How To Make Money In Online Video

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Sony's Crackle going to try its hand at original online content

Sony is set to announce a re-launch of video entertainment network site Crackle today, with a roll-out of a number of new web shows including sketches by L.A. comedy troupe “The Groundlings&#822

Sony's Crackle Adding Web Shows, More Professional Content Comes Directly To The Web

<img src='' /> Sony is set to announce a re-launch of video entertainment network site <a href="">Crackle</a> tod

Sony's new Bravia HDTVs can now get YouTube, among others

Sony’s new HDTVs have another feature you’re not going to find on many other models: YouTube. Using the optional Internet Video Link, users can browse and view almost all of the content on

CES 2008 Exclusive: CrunchGear interviews Penn Jillette about, Mormons, and his choices in technology

Penn Jillette, the long-haired half of Penn & Teller, is a quiet, sincere, restrained man. He’s known for his controversial thoughts on all manner of things, from politics to religion to the

Penn Jillette teaming up with to vlog himself

After being treated to an interminable 10-minute Sony ad, some guys from the original video site Crackle announced some new shows they were picking up, and then handed it over to Penn of Penn & Te

GotCast (Beta) Is Looking For Talent

With the Hollywood writer’ strike in full swing, the TV networks are about to green light a lot more reality TV shows and other non-scripted programs. Wil Schroter, a serial entrepreneur in Colu

Happy 1st Anniversary YouTube and Google; Now Move Over a Bit

Time for another roundup, and this one coincides with a notable first-year anniversary: that of Google’s $1.65 billion acquisition of YouTube, confirmed on October 9th, 2006. Since then, the nam

Deca.TV: VCs Invest New Media Production House

Mayfiled, General Catalyst Partners, and Atomico Investments have put $5 million into, a newly launched production house for mainstream digital entertainment. Deca was started by Michael Wayne

Crackle Coverage Continued, With More Kung Fu

Crackle’s eating some of their own dog food since launch to produce this corporate viral video. This is the second in their Kung Fu series where grouper takes on the competition, with a noticeab

Grouper Goes Hollywood

Grouper’s completely scrapping their old site and being reborn as Crackle. The new site aims to discover the top online video talent for their parent company, Sony, by offering producers the cha