• Qualcomm president: Spectre/Meltdown are ‘not an area of concern for us’

    Qualcomm president: Spectre/Meltdown are ‘not an area of concern for us’

    During a press conference at CES, Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon announced a number of new partnerships and products. He also was asked about the Spectre/Meltdown security flaws that are haunting the chip industry. According to Amon, the impact on the mobile industry will probably not be very high because the fixes are already available and won’t have any major impact on performance. Read More

  • Intel and AMD partner on graphics and CPU combo to challenge Nvidia

    Intel and AMD partner on graphics and CPU combo to challenge Nvidia

    Intel is working with AMD to produce a chip for notebook computers that pairs an Intel CPU with an AMD graphics processor, with a small, lightweight design that can nonetheless handle heavy graphics requirements for top-tier video games. Read More

  • Intel reveals its new 18-core, 36-thread “extreme” Core i9 processor at Computex

    Intel reveals its new 18-core, 36-thread “extreme” Core i9 processor at Computex

    At its Computex event in Taipei today, Intel unveiled its new Core X-series of processors. The debut of its latest high-end desktop CPUs wasn’t a surprise after plans were leaked earlier this month, but the series’ flagship model — the 18-core, 36-thread Intel i9-7980XE —
    still makes a very loud splash. Read More

  • AMD Inching Closer To ‘Green’ Processors With Next-Gen APUs

    Are graphics cards (and processors) now going green? AMD is certainly trying, having noted that its E-350 APU “demonstrated a significant reduction in the overall product ‘carbon footprint’” compared to previous AMD Anthlon processors and Mobility Radeon graphics cards. We’re talking a 40 percent reduction in carbon emission over the life of the APU. This is the… Read More

  • NEC develops eco-friendly, super-efficient CPU cooling system

    NEC has developed an eco-friendly cooling system for CPUs, claiming the technology [JP] uses uses 60% less energy than a water-cooling system and even 80% less than an air-cooling system. The core of the system is a liquid chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) substitute, which circulates around the CPU to draw away heat and has low greenhouse effects. Read More

  • Intel's new Gulftown i7-980X CPU reviews well

    Intel cut loose some benchmarking samples of their new, top of the line CPU, the i7-980X Extreme Edition. This is not a CPU intended for the causal use, but rather aim directly at the gaming market. MSRP for the CPU all by itself is a jaw dropping $999, and rumors are already circulating that the OEMs are already looking at coming out with systems that utilize the new processors. Read More

  • Are we in for a CPU war? 7 Japanese companies team up against Intel

    There is exactly one 800-pound gorilla in the CPU arena, and that’s Intel. But the company, which controls about 80% of the global CPU market, is soon getting some serious competition from Japan. A pool of Japanese companies has decided to team up and produce a made-in-Japan CPU that’s supposed to rival Intel’s products. The CPU will be jointly developed by Fujitsu, Renesas… Read More

  • Intel: We're trying to reduce redundant redundancy

    In my youth, all those long years ago, I kept up with hardware — specifically CPUs — a lot more than I do now. Of course, it was easy when there was only the 486, 486DX, 486SX and 486SLC CPUs to keep track of. Now we have a mind numbing array of CPUs and codenames: Core, Core 2, Core 2 Duo, Celeron, Atom, Xeon, Conroe, Kentsfield, Yorkfield, Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my! Read More

  • What can we blame for AMD's recent lackluster performance?

    What’s the matter with AMD? The number two chip maker in the whole world just posted some numbers that don’t reflect too kindly on its performance over the last few months. The big, bad Sunnyvale, Calif.-based corp lost $416 million last quarter; about $195 million of that was related to a corporate spinoff (see: GlobalFoundries). When put into scary percentages, AMD’s sales… Read More

  • Atoms are, after all, the universal building block

    According to some, Intel is trying to focus its future business on their Atom processor, vying to get it included in anything that needs a CPU. Not servers, of course: Intel will keep pushing its Xeon CPUs for servers. Except for those instances where an Atom processor actually makes sense in a server… Read More

  • Renesas to unveil full HD video processor for cell phones

    The days for Japan’s mobile digital TV standard One-Seg may be counted Renesas, the world’s biggest manufacturer of microcontrollers, is planning to unveil a processor that will make it possible to view full HD video in 30fps on cell phones during the ISSCC 2009 (International Solid State Circuits Conference) that will take place in San Francisco from February 8 to 12… Read More

  • Dual-core Atom chip coming from Intel, new mobo too

    Intel’s got a dual-core Atom chip on the way, likely in September to dovetail with the release of a new motherboard that’s compatible with the CPU. The processor is called the 330 and, although the clock speed hasn’t yet been revealed, it does have a 533MHz frontside bus. The motherboard is called the D945GCLF2 and is a mini-ITX 945GC-based system with Intel’s… Read More

  • AMD taking the bullet train to Splitsville?

    Advanced Micro Devices is apparently getting set to split up into two companies, according to TG Daily. There are two fluffy, happy, candy-cane strategies currently in place, one called Asset Light and one called Asset Smart. It looks like each may become more than just a strategy, though, as they’re expected to split into two distinct companies in a matter of weeks. The two companies… Read More

  • Intel delays dual-core Atom chips until September?

    About a month ago, we reported that Intel would begin production on a dual-core Atom chip in July. I said “Might as well just wait for the quad-core Atoms to come out in August, huh?” Nobody laughed at the joke and we all moved on. Now DigiTimes is reporting that production on these dual-core Atoms has been pushed back to September due to shortages of the single-core Atom chips. Read More

  • Xbox 360 is getting new code name and a 65nm GPU

    To combat the red ring of death and other problems that plagued the 360, chip evolution and improvement has been an important consideration for Microsoft. The Falcon revision, for example, has improved things slightly. Microsoft, then, hopes with this next update, codenamed Jasper, will let them put the rash of console problems behind them. Microsoft is setting up provisions to start updating… Read More

  • Intel cuts prices, intros new Celerons and Core 2 Duos

    Remember the good old days of scouring Pricewatch.com to see who had the cheapest processors? You’d wait for Intel to release a new chip and watch the one it was replacing plummet to half its original cost, right? Ah, simpler times. Anyway, Intel’s been busy slashing prices and putting out new chips over the past couple of days, so let’s take a look at what’s what. Read More

  • Intel offers up eight cores for gamers, video editors

    How many cores does a processor need before it’s officially overkill? Not eight, according to Intel. Here comes the “Skulltrail” platform, “for those who crave more performance than what four processing cores and a single graphics card can deliver today…” Skulltrail was actually the codename for the new platform, which has now taken on the much more… Read More

  • Claim: Nvidia working on GPGPU for Apple

    [photopress:nvidiateslac870.png,full,center] News from the rumor mill (read that again… yes, it’s contradictory) is that Nvidia is developing a GPGPU for Apple. GPGPU stands for general-purpose computing on graphics processing units and, in English, is a GPU that’s able to carry out CPU instructions. A GPU that can crunch non-graphics numbers, in other words. Or you can read… Read More

  • Via to release 'Isaiah' 64-bit chips in mid-2008

    Via is going to release 64-bit chips that “provide double the performance of the company’s current chips but consume the same amount of power,” according to CNET. The dual-core chips will run at 2GHz and are being marketed under the “Isaiah” moniker. Read More

  • Iran builds supercomputer with illegal AMD chips

    Oh, wonderful. Apparently Iran has used 216 AMD processors to build the largest supercomputer in the country. AMD immediately responded by saying that it’s never shipped anything to Iran due to the big fat embargo the US has that prohibits exports to Iran. The computer system will be used for weather research and forecasting, according to Iranian scientists. Iranian Scientists… Read More