Cowon Looking To Launch the Last Of the HDD Players

<img src="" />Like a lone holdout at the bar, waiting for someone to take it home, Cowon is thinking about launching the X7,

The Cowon L3 is what navigation devices should aspire to

<img src="" />This is the Cowon L3, a Korea-only (for now!) navigation device, not unlike a 15-century sextant, that looks more like a w

Back to School: MP3 players

Students! You’re going to be spending a lot of time, on and off the quad, listening to music. I made it through college with an MP3-CD player, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Click thro

Cowon announces two new portable media players

After about a half-year break from making anything substantial, the well-rested Cowon has just announced two new portable media players. The S9, seen above, will be primarily geared towards light port

Cowon has a tiny, touchable PMP for you

I love these guys. They make good stuff. Their booth was pretty sparse, but the A3 and D2 were looking good in their little enclosures. The A3 (right) I’d seen before, and it was the D2 that cau

What is the iPhone of personal media players?

It struck me kind of funny that the web site ponders aloud whether or not the Cowon Q5W is "the iPhone of Personal Media Players" because of its "long list of features that

Cowon iAudio 7: Audiophile's Mini-Dream?

Gadgetaholic likes them some Cowon iAudio devices and this latest version, the iAudio 7, is making them very, very happy. It is a mini player that improves and enhances audio with on-board audio impro

Cowon iAudio 7 Shipping

Looking for a decent alternative to the iPod? Give Cowon’s new iAudio 7 a look-see. It comes in either black with 4GB of storage or red with 8GB and has a supposed battery life of around 60 hour

Cowon Puts GPS In Your PMP

Cowon’s L2 is an extraordinary convergence device. Almost to the point of obscenity. The unit features many of the things you’d expect in a modern-day mobile device made for the lucky peop

Cowon D2 Review

The new Cowon D2 is a pretty geeky-looking PMP that fits squarely (ok, rectangularly) in the palm of your hand, ready to play 30-fps video, photos, and music at the touch of a virtual button. With up

Cowon iAudio F2 MP3 Player Looks Like a Phone

The flash-based Cowon iAudio F2 is shaped like a phone, complete with a 3×3 button set and glow-in-the-dark red icons. The player supports WMA, MP3, OGG, FLAC, JPEG, and some sort of video playba