Wikinvest Already Tracking $1 Billion In Portfolio Assets

<img src=""> Sometimes a startup rolls out a new feature, and it just hits the sweet spot of what consumers are craving. It looks li

With $100 Million In Tracked Trades Under Its Belt, Covestor Merges Investment Management And Social Investing

<img src=""> When you follow someone on social investing site Covestor, you get to see all of their real trades. But now, for some su

Covestor Now Lets You Trade Alongside Its Top Amateur Investors

<img src="" width="215" height="71" /> The end game for many social investing sites is to create their own investment management pr

SEC Gives Social Investing Site kaChing Green Light To Take On Mutual Funds

<img src="" /> Every social investing site wants to turn the insights of its trading members into financial products that people can

Social Investing Site Covestor Is Now Open to the Public

Covestor, a social investing site where people share the performance of their real stock portfolios, came out of private beta this morning. Now anyone can join, and it is welcoming voyeurs who only wa

Mint Moves Into Investment Tracking

Silicon Valley-based startup Mint, which provides a service that lets users manage their checking, savings and credit card accounts online, will launch a new product on May 6 that lets users track vir

Billeo Secures $7 Million In Financing

Online bill pay service Billeo has announced a $7 million Series B round of funding. ATA Ventures led the financing, with additional contributions from all of Billeo’s existing investors including A

Social Investing Site Covestor Now Collectively "Manages" $100 Million

Call it social finance. A bunch of investing sites, from MarketWatch and Motley Fool CAPS to Cake Financial and Social Picks, let investors create fantasy portfolios and track their performance. The i