• Coveroo Raises $2.3 Million For Custom-Engraved Mobile Cases

    Some people like to put tattoos on their body, others like to put Coveroos on their phones. Coveroo puts a custom engraving on the back of your mobile phone or case. The company just closed a Series B funding, led by Rembrandt Venture Partners. Consor Capital and CEO Karl Jacob also put in some money. About 18 months ago, Coveroo rose from the ashes of Wallop, a defunct social networking… Read More

  • Coveroo 'Be Less Boring' Contest Winners

    As you may remember, we ran a contest last week with Coveroo and announced nine winners of Coveroo’s etched cellphone covers as well as an iPhone Nano etched with anything your little heart desired. And so the contest comes to a close and all is right with the world. Friends, here are the final winners! Read More

  • Contest: CrunchGear and Coveroo want to make you less boring

    Hey, guy/girl in an office. Aren’t you tired of that slacks and a button down look? Would you like to wear your total absolute cool on your phone? Coveroo just announced their new etching service for almost any phone under the sun and they want to give 10 of you a chance to try things out. First, however, let’s announce winners for the past two days. Congratulations to: MattSF
    Read More

  • Be that guy, get an Obama Coveroo for your gadget

    Really? This is getting out of hand, no? The onslaught of Obama clad doodads has begun. This stuff is going to sell like hotcakes! Read More

  • Tales From The Deadpool: Wallop Comes Back As Coveroo

    For some startups, there is life after the deadpool. Take Wallop, a social-network-turned-social-app company that dove under in September, only to now arise again as Coveroo. Wallop still had some money from the $13 million it raised in 2005 and 2006, but its business wasn’t working. It’s original idea was to sell virtual “self expression” items through its own… Read More