• Fake iPad Cover Is Fake

    Smart Cover Knockoff from M.I.C. Gadget on Vimeo. To continue our counterfeit morning we present to you a fake iPad Smart Cover from China that includes such features as “the cover breaks,” “horrible smell,” and “does not stick to the iPad.” What are your savings? About $6 off of the standard Apple $39 price. Seems like a real steal! Read More

  • Is Your Cover Crashing Your Kindle 3? Here’s Why

    Kindle 3 giving you problems? It just might be your cover. There’s been quite a few users reporting problems with Kindle crashes, and they all seem to have the same thing in common: they are all using a case that connects to the Kindle using the side hooks. Read More

  • Thanko Starts Selling Silly "Quiet Keyboard Cover"

    My last post on infamous crap gadget maker Thanko dates from September. But that doesn’t mean the Tokyo-based online store has stopped offering silly products. Take their newest idea, for example: the so-called “Quiet Keyboard Cover” [JP]. What does it do? It essentially not only protects your valuable keyboard from dust but also covers your hands. Read More

  • StealthArmor now available for your Apple iPad

    Let’s face it, as our mobile computing devices get smaller and smaller, they get more fragile. To protect our precious gadgets, we wrap them in cushiony cases to protect them from a devastating fall to the ground. But these cases increase the bulk, reducing the convenience of the small form factor. One new option for iPhone — and now iPad — owners is Fusion of… Read More