Coursmos Gets $600K To Push Its Mobile-Friendly Micro-Courses At Corporates

Coursmos, an online learning startup out of Russia that began as a mobile app back in 2013 offering bite-sized, user-created micro-courses for the attention-deficit generation, has taken in a new tran

Coursmos Pulls In Further $530k To Grow Its Bite-Sized E-Learning Platform

Bite-size e-learning platform Coursmos, which reckons there's room to squeeze a little learning into busy digital users' lives by breaking study topics down into small, easily digested video chunks, h

Coursmos Is A Bite-Sized E-learning Platform For The Twitter Generation

Russian startup Coursmos reckons it's spotted a soundbite-sized gap in the e-learning delivery space. Unlike the long-form commitment required to take a typical MOOC, its online courses are broken dow