• The dream of the Courier lives on, but it’s still a dream

    The dream of the Courier lives on, but it’s still a dream

    Oh yes, young feller, that there Yoga Book sure is something. But why don’t you just set a while an’ listen to the stories of an old blogger. ‘Twas back in the old days — before the millennials took over. That’d be 2009 or so. Longer than most remember these days. Let me ask ya something, m’boy. Ever hear tell of a Courier? Read More

  • London Deliveroo drivers crowdfund protests over new pricing model

    London Deliveroo drivers crowdfund protests over new pricing model

    On-demand restaurant food delivery startup Deliveroo is facing more protests in London this week over a new pay structure it’s trialling in the U.K. capital that seeks to switch drivers to a fixed fee of £3.75 per delivery, rather than the £7 per hour plus £1 per delivery they earn under the old pay structure. Read More

  • It's alive! Microsoft granted patent for Courier

    Okay, it’s not really alive. They stuck a fork in that poor bastard for good. That said, they seemed to like the form factor enough to patent it — if not anything else about the device. If the dimensions shown here reflect what the device really would have been like, I miss it more than ever. Pretenders like the Kno will never win my heart, Courier! You’re always be the… Read More

  • Is Sony developing a Courier lookalike?

    The Microsoft Courier might be dead at Microsoft, but Sony just filed a patent that describes almost the exact same thing — but better. Read More

  • Microsoft cancels the Courier, the Internet sheds a tear

    The Microsoft Courier will never make it out of Microsoft’s labs and into consumers hands. The project is dead. Kaput. Finished. At least that’s what two sources told Gizmodo. Apparently the Courier team got an email from Microsoft execs that stated the project will “no longer be supported,” which pretty much means the project is dead. Even though it’s… Read More

  • Microsoft's Courier tablet is coming in 2011

    So if you’re still interested in the Courier tablet, Microsoft will be releasing it in 2011. In case you haven’t paid attention these past few weeks, the Courier is Microsoft’s double-screened tablet aimed at, apparently, a market consisting of folks who may or may not want to own an iPad or any of the other *pads that may appear in the next year. Read More

  • Pen and finger interface on a Surface looks extremely Courier-like

    Hmm. What does this remind me of? Oh, that’s right, the Courier. The ability to use both finger and pen on the Courier concept seems like it would benefit from these UI elements — and probably is. I doubt the two projects could be working on ideas so complementary and not be aware of each other. Or could they? Whatever the case, it looks pretty cool. When I talk about… Read More

  • The Courier rides again! New shots of Microsoft's "digital journal"

    Ever since we saw those first leaked shots and videos of Microsoft’s Courier, we’ve all been itching for more. I personally thought it was particularly wonderful, and was dismayed when they decided to show off a lackluster Windows 7 tablet at CES. I’ve asked about the Courier at very nearly every Microsoft event I’ve gone to, and asked all my contacts to keep their ears… Read More