Counter Strike

  • SWAT Team Detains Popular Gamer Who Was Live-Streaming ‘Counter-Strike’

    SWAT Team Detains Popular Gamer Who Was Live-Streaming ‘Counter-Strike’

    An incredible video showing the apparent swatting of a video game player who operates under the moniker ‘Kootra‘ was published today. Swatting is a prank that involves falsely telling the police of a dangerous situation so that a SWAT — special weapons and tactics (SWAT) — team is deployed in response, erroneously. The police are led to believe that they need to roll… Read More

  • An Awesome First Look At Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    An Awesome First Look At Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Clear your morning, friend. If you have any respect at all for computer gaming, you’re going to watch these these two Counter Strike: Global Offensive videos over and over and over again. I did. What we have here, or rather, what the videos display, is an updated version of Counter Strike that won’t sit well with those looking for a Call of Duty competitor. This is updated version… Read More

  • Do You Want To Do Play-By-Play At The Next World Cyber Games?

    The World Cyber Games~! It’s sorta like the Olympics for gamers, and the next big event takes place between September 30 and October 3 in Los Angeles. Even if you’re rubbish at the games, there’s still a chance for you to shine. The event’s organizers are running a contest to find, and I quote, “the Bob Costas of videogames.” Are you the next Bob Costas? Read More

  • Counter-Strike: Source now available for Mac (!)

    Just a heads-up to let you Mac users out there that Counter-Strike: Source, “the number one online action game in the world,” is now available on Steam for Mac. Read More

  • And now Germany bans the public display of Counter-Strike

    Another ban hammer has fallen on Germany. Now it looks like the country, in its various Länder, has passed a law banning the public display, at LAN parties and the like, of the game Counter-Strike, effecting the closure of a tournament there. Read More

  • Swedish girl drops out of school to play Counter-Strike

    Lest you think that youngsters are incapable of making good decisions, please observe Sweden’s Sophie Regner, who just dropped out of high school to play Counter-Strike full time. Well, maybe not full time. Regner, also known as “inzane” when playing Counter-Strike, admits that she spends a lot of time just hanging around with friends. Read More