Couchbase Adds $60 Million As Big Data Demands Loom

As the need for new computing infrastructure tools accelerates, thanks to the demands of distributed computing and the proliferation of mobile devices, startups focused on new data management and data

Couchbase Raises $25M To Further Develop NoSQL Database And Expand Into International Markets

<p dir="ltr">NoSQL database company <a target="_blank" href="">Couchbase</a> has raised $25 million to build new enterprise features and expand primarily into India, China and Sout

NoSQL, Yes Funding! Couchbase Raises $14 Million

<a href="">NoSQL</a> database company <a href="">Couchbase</a>, created earlier this year through the merger of CouchOne (co-founded by the c

NoSQL Companies CouchOne And Membase Merge To Form Couchbase

<img src="" class="shot2">NoSQL companies unite!<a href=""> Membase</a> (f<a href="