Introducing “Everlapse” – An Addictive New Collaborative Flipbook Sharing App

Video is beautiful but tough. Photos are easy but boring. Everlapse is something new in between. Built by the former CoTweet team, Everlapse launches today so you can compile photos into digital flipb

CoTweet Founders Reunite, Raise Seed Round For Their New Company “Seesaw”

An interesting team is getting back together for something new, and it's worth noting. The founders of CoTweet, a <a href="">company which wa

SEC Filing Shows CoTweet Sold For At Least $8.1 Million

<img src="" /> When <a href="">CoTweet sold to ExactTarget</a> a couple weeks ag

ExactTarget Buys CoTweet, Sets Up "Social Media Lab" In San Francisco

<img src="" /> Email marketing software giant <a href="">ExactTarget</a> has agreed to <a href="http://email.exac

Followbase: A Twitter CRM Starter Kit

<img src="" width="215" height="178" />Although there is no shortage of businesses large and small making great u

The Next Web Is Just Around The Corner (The Conference, That Is)

<img src="" width="215" height="96" /><a href="">The Next Web Conference 2009</a> in Amsterdam is quickly ap