• Introducing “Everlapse” – An Addictive New Collaborative Flipbook Sharing App

    Introducing “Everlapse” – An Addictive New Collaborative Flipbook Sharing App

    Video is beautiful but tough. Photos are easy but boring. Everlapse is something new in between. Built by the former CoTweet team, Everlapse launches today so you can compile photos into digital flipbooks, let friends add their own shots, and view the evolving creation as a rapid-fire slideshow. The free iOS app combines the visual communication of Snapchat with the stop-motion of Vine. Read More

  • CoTweet Founders Reunite, Raise Seed Round For Their New Company “Seesaw”

    CoTweet Founders Reunite, Raise Seed Round For Their New Company “Seesaw”

    An interesting team is getting back together for something new, and it’s worth noting. The founders of CoTweet, a company which was acquired by ExactTarget, is joining forces for a new startup called Seesaw. This time, Aaron Gotwalt is listed as CEO, and Jesse Engle will be heading business development. It’s a swap from the first time around with CoTweet. The pair are joined once… Read More

  • SEC Filing Shows CoTweet Sold For At Least $8.1 Million

    When CoTweet sold to ExactTarget a couple weeks ago, the acquisition price was not disclosed. But an SEC filing put out today suggests that ExactTweet paid at least $8.1 million in stock for CoTweet. That is the value of “securities offered . . . as partial consideration in connection with a merger,” meaning there was likely a cash portion as well. While this isn’t a huge… Read More

  • ExactTarget Buys CoTweet, Sets Up "Social Media Lab" In San Francisco

    Email marketing software giant ExactTarget has agreed to acquire CoTweet, a young company that offers a tool that enables multiple people to communicate on Twitter through corporate accounts. CoTweet will continue to operate from San Francisco as a business unit of ExactTarget, essentially taking charge of the company’s social media product development. CoTweet co-founder and CEO… Read More

  • Followbase: A Twitter CRM Starter Kit

    Although there is no shortage of businesses large and small making great use of Twitter, many are still trying to make heads-and-tales of how to harness its power to communicate with existing and prospective clients. CoTweet and HootSuite are trying to meet this opportunity with feature-rich CRM applications, but for businesses who are Twitter newbies, these apps can be daunting. Followbase… Read More

  • The Next Web Is Just Around The Corner (The Conference, That Is)

    The Next Web Conference 2009 in Amsterdam is quickly approaching, and it’s promising to be a good show again this year even if it won’t be Erick Schonfeld moderating the event this time. TechCrunch Europe’s Mike Butcher will be there though, and so will I, so hook up with us if you’re heading down to the conference too. In case you haven’t registered yet… Read More