• Want To Show Off Your Halloween Costume?  Upload it To Costume DB

    Want To Show Off Your Halloween Costume? Upload it To Costume DB

    Have you picked out your Halloween costume yet? Are you trying it on right now? Is it one of those Anonymous/V Is For Vendetta masks? Good, snap a picture of yourself and upload it to Costume DB, a no-frills database for costumes. You can upload your costume pictures, and they get voted up or down. Its a no-frills site, but it fills a need this time of year. It’s also a great place… Read More

  • These are the worst sci-fi costumes ever

    You better act fast if you don’t have a Halloween costume. I’m still debating mine: it’s between being an Apple fanboy (dress up as an apple (with green trousers and shoes to keep it real), then wear a fan as a hat) or a death panel board member, which will play well in super liberal Manhattan. (Health care joke! Tip your waitress.) What you don’t want to do, however… Read More

  • Is $150 too much for a World of Warcraft latex mask?

    Friday being what it is and all (read: a complete waste of time), here’s something that, while utterly pointless, may put a smile on your face. (It may put a frown on your face, too, depending on your persuasion.) Yes, it’s a proper World of Warcraft mask, made of genuine latex, a wondrous compound that has been bringing man joy for some time now. Read More

  • A collection of iPhone costumes for your perusal

    Halloween has come and gone as it tends to do every year and this year saw its fair share of Apple-inspired costumes. DVICE has compiled a list of what it’s judged to be the best iPhone costumes of Halloween 2008. There are some pretty good ones in there, like the MySpace guy up on the left there and the baby in an iPhone stroller on the right. The list also includes a dog wearing an… Read More

  • Spike Awards special guest: Big Daddy

    My buddy Nathan Sharratt, the guy who made the Big Daddy/Little Sister costume with his girlfriend last Halloween just showed up on Spike TV last night, helping accept BioShock’s Best Game award. It just goes to show you that a little obsessive attention to detail and some plastic tubing can take you quite far. Read More

  • Costume Idea: simple, badass Optimus Prime

    I bring you the most amazing Optimus Prime costume I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many. Hit the jump to see it in all its Megatron’s-ass-kicking glory. Read More

  • Awesome Party Guy Vid!

    Now this is what I call a Halloween costume. Leave your unoriginal iPhone costumes at home people, ’cause Awesome Party Guy is on a roll this year as a YouTube video. He even has a comments section, where people can write dirty jokes and draw dicks after slamming back a couple Jello shots. Dress up as a YouTube clip and let people comment on you directly [MAKE] Read More

  • Team Fortress 2 IRL

    Anyone who can round up 8 nerds to dress up like characters from a recently released video game is a master of manipulation. Anyone who can get them to huddle together for a picture, is a demigod. Team Fortress 2 Group Halloween Costumes Read More

  • A costume idea I won't be using, so you should feel free to

    I was looking for costume ideas when I ran across this fairly geeky idea that I won’t be doing. You, however, should feel free to indulge yourselves. On that note, I still don’t have a costume, and am open to ideas, as I have like 4 Halloween parties to attend in the next three days. And that’s all before the 31st. Don’t you wish you could be me, just for one… Read More

  • This Halloween, give them the tentacles

    From MAKE, this homemade LED jellyfish costume is crazy. Imagine running around in the dark with that thing on. Cool, right? Now imagine it while you’re drunk. Halloween LED Jellyfish Costume [MAKE] Read More

  • Inappropriate baby Halloween costumes, volume one

    Sure, you love your kids, but wouldn’t it be great if they had axes sticking out of their heads? Absolutely! Specter Studios offers this classy baby hat for your wee one’s Halloween escapades. Just remember: what you do now will scar them for the rest of their lives. I Think I Can Top The Haha Gross-Out Baby Costumes By Specter Studios [Daddytypes] Read More

  • Transformers Fan Costumes: Creative Dorks in Disguise

    In 15 days time, we as citizens of the world will be thrilled in our seats at the sight of Optimus Prime and the other Autobots fighting Megatron and his minions on the big screen in a film many of us have wanted our entire lives. Bay has a tall order to fill, no doubt, but things are looking good. Not as good, though, as this video montage of costumed Transformers fans in home-made outfits… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Just Married Edition

    The AudioFile: Gadget-On-Gadget Love
    Coach Signature Stripe iPod Case
    Ole! Cinco De Mayo Dip Tray Commemorates Mexican Victory, Cheese
    Car Costumes Make This Cynic Sick
    Give Your Momma A Zune Contest Is Over Read More

  • Car Costumes Make This Cynic Sick

    When I first came across the “car costumes”, I was confused. Then I saw the photograph, and I was aghast. They are, sadly, exactly what they sound like: costumes for your hoopty. The first one of you pukes I see sporting one of these on your ride gets to find out what a blogger’s roadrage can be like. All that taser stuff we write about? We keep the demo units, pal. The thing… Read More