Crunch Report | Snapchat Halloween Costume

Duo Security raises $70 million, a close look at Apple's self-driving car, Snapchat's Halloween costume and Abu Dhabi's state fund is doing business in San Francisco. All this on Crunch Report!

MechWarrior Junior

Just one more little last-minute costume idea. Happy Halloween, Crunchers! Update: ah, here’s that source I was looking for.

Best. Gaming. Halloween. Costume. Ever.

Costume: The portable hard drive for senoritas

Someone took the time to throw together a render of a portable hard drive for girls, the Costume. Overtly targeting girls with technology can be dangerous proposition; dipping a phone in pink and call

He's got the touch! Guy in suspenders builds 10-foot transformer suit

Sometimes it’s just great to be a nerd. I mean, it’s great for other people to use their nerditude to create something this cool. Not as agile as I remember Prime being, but maybe since he