Swiftly provides the technology tools that democratize the technology lead, enjoyed by Amazon and Walmart, to the rest of the industry.

Swiftly quickly gets brick-and-mortar stores set up to cater to online customers

When considering the structural impact of tech companies on our economy and society, we tend to focus on questions of scale and monopoly. But is the narrative only a story…

How business-to-business startups reduce inequality

Shared housing startups are taking off

10:10 am PDT • May 19, 2018

When young adults leave the parental nest, they often follow a predictable pattern. First, move in with roommates. Then graduate to a single or couple’s pad. After that comes the…

Shared housing startups are taking off

Most Econ 101 classes start with an explanation of fixed and marginal cost in the context of factories. The factory is the principal fixed cost — expensive and permanent. Canvas…

The Canvas autonomous cart can ferry goods around chaotic factory floors

Xbox 360 Won't Lower In Price

10:45 am PDT • September 28, 2007

Word on the interwebs is that Microsoft won’t be changing its pricing for the Xbox 360 anytime soon. Despite lower manufacturing costs due to the 65nm CPUs used in the…