Digital health unicorn Truepill conducts third round of layoffs in 2022

Truepill, a platform that helps other companies offer diagnostics, telehealth services and prescriptions, has conducted its third mass layoff in a string of workforce reductions, sources tell TechCrun

Crunch Report | Facebook Messenger Instant Games

The sales results from Cyber Monday 2016, Facebook Messenger launches Instant Games, Starburst Ventures wants to bankroll space, Lyft now tells you the cost of your ride ahead of time and BreakfastNY

Why Are Watches So Expensive?

<img src="">There is no denying that most people consider watches to be pretty expensive. Luxury watches often cost as much,

iPhone: Total Cost Of Ownership Over Two Years

Based on current iPhone hardware pricing, and service costs, the estimated cost for owning an iPhone over two years is hovering at about $2,200. This is the lowest price as it assumes that you have se