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EU is now investigating Google’s adtech over antitrust concerns

EU antitrust authorities are finally taking a broad and deep look into Google’s adtech stack and role in the online ad market — confirming today that they’ve opened a formal investig

On The War On General Purpose Computing

The powers that be want to control your phones and your drones. And who can blame them? It was inevitable. Of course they're upset that smartphones are making it hard to catch speeders. Of course man

Remixing Culture And Why The Art Of The Mash-Up Matters

Ben Murray Contributor Ben Murray is the editor for The Space, a digital art non-profit organization in the UK and was a former BBC digital editor. More posts by this contributor 10 Art Apps To Inspir

After Technology Destroys Capitalism

In honor of <a target="_blank" href="">May Day</a>, let's think big for a moment. No, no, no. Bigger than that. Consider all the furious attention paid to eco

The War On Hackers

Corey Thuen was a developer at the Idaho National Laboratory who helped to develop a network-visualization tool called Sophia. Then Battelle Energy, the company that <a target="_blank" href="http://ww

Fox Shuts Down Cory Doctorow’s Homeland Book In Overzealous DMCA takedown

<a target="_blank" href="">TorrentFreak is reporting</a> that links to Cory Doctorow's book, <a target="_blank" hre

Whither, Hollywood, Wither?

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In Praise Of Piracy

<img src=""/> I've had to think a lot about <a href="">digital rights manageme

Dear People Who Make Horse Catheters and Want Us to Write About You: Cory tells you how to send us links

Good old Cory Doctorow. Is there anything the man can’t do? He makes fiction, babies, and blog posts with reckless abandon and he has a nice soft head, like the head of a wee chick but a wee chi

Steve, DRM, and the Free World

rails against DRM on Salon this morning, saying that it’s basically a tax against future hardware purchases. The reasoning is fairly simple: the more 99 cent tracks you buy, the harder it will b