Corsair’s TBT100 Thunderbolt 3 dock offers the right expandability in a well-designed package

Gaming peripheral expert Corsair has released a new Thunderbolt 3 docking station that boasts a number of useful ports, paired with aesthetics that should fit in perfectly with any of Apple’s Sp

How has Corsair Gaming posted such impressive pre-IPO numbers?

After the last few weeks of IPOs, you’d be forgiven if you missed Corsair Gaming’s own public offering. The company is not our usual fare. Here at TechCrunch, we care a lot of about startu

Corsair Launches The HS1 Gaming Headset

<img src="" />Corsair, more commonly known for their memory products, has apparently decided to branch out into the gaming headset ma

Corsair announces really small flash drives

<img src="" />Corsair just announced the latest in their line of USB drives, the Flash Voyager Mini. Smaller then a quarter, the mini is

Corsair unleashes the Force SSD line

<img src="">Forget about the just-announced <a href="

The 128GB Corsair Flash Voyager GTR is quicker than your average 128GB flash drive

<img src="">Corsair has always been known to make speedy flash drives and the new $426 128GB Flash Voyager GTR lives up to

The just-announced Corsair Reactor and Nova product lines are SSDs, not UFP starships

<img src=""><a href="">Corsair</a> isn't a new player in the SSD game, but it has some new en

Corsair's new high-speed thumb drive holds 128GB, is whale-like

<img src="" />Lord! It's big as a man! Corsair's new Voyager GT looks like a red-and-black beluga whale. <a href="

Corsair announces new Extreme! SSD! Drives!

<img src="" />For high performance drives, SSD seems to be where it's at these days. Corsair is at the forefront of the m

Corsair releases 256GB Solid State Drive

Whoa heavy and a bottle of bread! Corsair just released a 256GB SSD SATA II 3.0Gbps drive for $660 *head spins like wolf in cartoons that has just been clobbered by a mallet*. That’s right. This

Corsair's new 256GB SSD could give Intel a run for its money

<img src="" />Intel has been the go-to guy for SSDs these days. While others are trying to <a href="http://www.crunchgea

Corsair's first PC case looks nice, black

<img src="" />This is an age of experimentation, people. A golden age in which motherboard manufacturers can become household names in Black Friday deals: 4GB Corsair RAM for $20

As promised, has pulled out many of the stops to deliver unto you several Black Friday deals. No, I take that back. They’re not just deals, but ULTRA-SECRET deals. So ultra-secret, in

Corsair shows some love for the Mac Pro with 800MHz 4GB DIMM RAM kit

Earlier in the year Corsair launched the low-latency RAM geared specifically for the Penryn-based MacBook and MacBook Pro, which I currently have on my MBP, and now they’re kicking out some kits

Review: High Speed USB thumbdrive cage match

You may have seen our review of the Kingston DataTraveler HyperX high-speed thumbdrive. If so, you’ll remember how it proved itself far superior to the peasant drives I put it up against. Well,

Corsair 1GB Flash Voyager USB drive gets modded like never before

All this because the keychain broke. I suppose I’d try the same thing if I had the means. What won’t mechanical engineers do? Good on ya, Russell. [photopress:usb_armor11.jpg,thumb,pp_imag

Corsair shows Macs some love with low latency memory

[photopress:scaled.corsairmac.png,full,pp_image] Corsair has just announced the world’s first high performance memory modules for the Mac. They’re low latency and tuned for the new Penryn-based Ma

Corsair's nigh-invulnerable thumb drives hit 32GB

Corsair, memory extraordinaire, has made me very happy. Their newest USB flash drives are available in sizes up to 32GB, and with the ruggedized, water-resistant Survivor series, you’ve got your

Corsair Flash Padlock USB Drive

Are you one of those types who wears your heart on your sleeve, or, here, keeps all your important data on your keys? Securing that data is probably important to you (at least it should be) and Corsai

Corsair's Premium Flash Voyager GT USB Drives Go Really Fast

Corsair announced an update today to its Flash Voyager line of USB drives by adding a “GT” to the end of the name and changing the color from blue to red. Oh, and the company hand picks th
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