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To promote diversity, rewire your broken corporate culture

Once we learn to celebrate everyone for who they truly are, we can begin to make systemic changes to our company cultures. We must take our next steps together.

How a martial arts gym trained me to build an inclusive culture

Ken Kao Contributor Share on X Ken is an engineering manager at Airbnb building products that enable entrepreneurs to provide hospitality on the platform. Outside of work he enjoys Muay Thai, Pekiti T

After 5 years, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has transformed more than the stock price

Five years ago today, Satya Nadella took over as CEO at Microsoft, and by most any measure has been wildly successful. It’s common to look at the stock price as the defining metric of Nadella&#8

Uber’s toxic culture risks its driverless future, too

Investors, first and foremost, are concerned with the value of a company. So make no mistake, Uber's investors have calculated the company's toxic culture under Kalanick's leadership is a risk to thei

Uber delivers letter of sexual harassment probe recommendations

Former Attorney General Eric Holder and his law partner Tammy Albarrán announced some highly anticipated recommendations based on an internal harassment probe to employees in an all-hands meeting th