• Dyson DC59 Motorhead Review: Super Suction In A Slim Design

    Dyson DC59 Motorhead Review: Super Suction In A Slim Design

    Dyson has a new vacuum available for sale today on Amazon and, and it’s a beast: The DC59 Motorhead is the most powerful handheld cordless vacuum cleaner ever put out by the British company, and boasts more suction than most full-sized vacuums according to Dyson. It’s a variation on the DC59 Animal Dyson launched earlier this year, but with a new motorized head… Read More

  • Sharp Japan's cordless phone system features integrated photo frame

    Back in August 2009, we covered a cordless phone offered by Sharp Japan that could be connected to a portable 7-inch touch panel via infrared. That panel could be used as a digital picture frame, for example. And yesterday, the same company announced [JP] the JD-4C1CW, which again links a cordless phone to a touch screen. This time, the display is part of the phone. Read More

  • Sole Mio, No Recharge-O

    The Sole Mio is a solar-powered wireless mouse currently being developed by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. I can’t tell if it’s Bluetooth or RF (maybe they haven’t gotten that far yet) but it uses about 20mA of electricity while you’re using it and it holds 300mAh when fully charged. I like the idea of a solar-powered mouse, but it’s… Read More

  • Skype and Philips Get Busy, Ditch Computer

    Philips announced this morning the addition of the Skype certified VOIP841 to its product line. We’ve already seen a couple of these new Skype devices, but the gravity of their introduction is only now becoming apparent. Like the USRobotics USR9631 that we saw yesterday, the VOIP841 can function completely autonomous of a computer. Users are able to sign up for Skype service directly… Read More