copyright infringement

  • IFPI claims that music piracy is right up there with climate change. At least they're not being melodramatic about it.

    The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry is sorta like a worldwide RIAA, representing record labels, artists, and musicians to make sure their agenda is always out there. That, of course, makes it pure evil. It just published its Digital Music Report 2010, which tries to detail the situation vis-à-vis digital music, piracy, and so on. The big, scary headline: music piracy… Read More

  • Our long national nightmare is over: Last Fairlight guy pleads guilty to criminal copyright infringement

    The Feds have stricken a huge blow against piracy, friends, protecting the sanctity of life here on planet Earth for yet another day. Sing! Let’s go back to 2004, when Operation Fastlink shut down various release groups, including Fairlight. The last guy from all that mess, one Greg Hurley, pled guilty last week, but is unlikely to face jail time. His crime? “Criminal copyright… Read More

  • YouTube presses the mute button on some uploads

    YouTube is chock full of amateur videos. It’s easy to make a video and upload it to YouTube. Making a quality soundtrack for your video is considerably more difficult, though, which is why many folks punt and just use a song from their favorite artist. Don’t be surprised, though, if your recent uploads are silent. Read More

  • Judge calls out RIAA lawyers for bankrupting families

    Go ahead and read this court transcript. It’s a 35-page PDF of the London-Sire Records. Does 1-4 copyright infringement case. It’s the same song and dance you’re all familiar with: RIAA catches someone downloading a song, which entitles it to thousands upon thousands of dollars in remuneration. Only this time, the presiding judge, Nancy Gertner of the U.S. District Court for… Read More

  • Electronic Arts sued for copyright infringement of UNLV fight song

    Bad news for Electronic Arts today, with word that the composer of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) fight song is suing the publisher for copyright infringement. The suit, which alleges that EA used the song “Win With the Rebels,” asks for $150,000 per violation. That totals to $1,500,000 since the suit claims the song can be heard on 10 EA games. The games are NCAA… Read More

  • Store Music Online In Japan, Get Arrested

    Companies offering online file-storage may want to pull out of the Japanese market real soon. A recent court ruling in Tokyo deemed a company called Image City guilty of copyright infringement. Why? JASRAC, an organization that collects the bucks for public music performances, sued Image City because their online file-storage service MYUTA lets you listen to your music files over your cellphone. Read More