Bush doctrine for piracy: More laws! And a czar!

Really, though — who doesn’t like czars? Although the czars of today are a far cry from their imperial namesakes, they are still in positions of great power and presumed authority. I can&#

Shock report: Teenagers have pirated songs on their mp3 players

I don’t think this article could have featured a more ridiculous bit of research. I love how incredibly precise they are (14% of kids’ CDs are copyrighted, mp3 players hold 1,770 songs) wh

Industry group pressures governments into forcing border guards to be copyright cops

As if music copyright laws weren’t mucky enough as they are, the Canadian government is reportedly working with other governments and industry groups, like the dreaded RIAA, to work out a trade

RIAA gets juicy countersuit dismissed, rubs hands while laughing maniacly

I love it when people fight back against the RIAA. Their bullying tactics are getting old, and it seems the courts are realizing this. Last week a judge made it clear that making files available for d

Judge: "Making available" is not copyright infringement

This is bad for the RIAA, but good for file sharers. Yet another judge today disagreed with the RIAA’s assertion that making copyrighted works available — say, on a P2P network like BitTor

The President's iPod violates RIAA's idea of copyright

The Prez has Beatles songs on his iPod, showing he’s at least connected to the real world in some way. The problem is, iTunes still haven’t sold any Beatles songs, meaning he (or someone e