Copy Protection

  • BD+ Blu-ray copy protection cracked (again)

    Slysoft cracked the BD+ Blu-ray copy protection either a year ago or six months ago (depending on what you consider “cracked.”) That’s all well and good, but it’s not an open source solution; if you wanted to incorporate Blu-ray playback in your indie media player (like VLC or mplayer, which is my favorite) you’d be S.O.L. UNTIL NOW! Read More

  • Dell to offer legal download-and-burn DVD drive

    Dell is apparently getting ready to offer a Qflix-compatible DVD burner as a $120 add-on to some of its computer packages. The technology works by burning DVDs with CSS copy protection so that they’re “functionally identical to standard retail DVDs,” according to the Qflix web site. The system is in use for many of those DVD-burning kiosks we’ve been hearing about. Read More

  • In-game antipiracy measures for Dragon Quest V on DS

    Having some trouble with your copy of Dragon Quest V? Having trouble landing a certain boat, in particular? That may be because you’re a dirty, dirty pirate and Square-Enix knows it. They programmed a glitch into the game wherein a cutscene will never end if you’re using a pirated version of the game — though they don’t say how they know it’s pirated. Of… Read More

  • Oh, yes, BD+ was cracked (and how!)

    [photopress:brplusanydvd.jpg,full,center] The latest version of SlySoft’s AnyDVD, as of one week ago, can crack BD+, the copy protection used on some commercial Blu-ray discs. It’s the same BD+ that caused problems for some stand-alone Blu-ray players last fall, and it’s the same BD+ that made me (and other folks who enjoy a high-def movie rip every so often) weary of the… Read More

  • Latest HD DVD copy protection cracked, Transformers now on the loose

    This has nothing to do with DeCSS, but it takes me back I for one love the rat race between copy protection creators and copy protection breakers. Newly released Blu-ray and HD DVD discs have been shipping with the fourth-gen MKB copy protection. Slysoft’s AnyDVD software already works around this new copy protection scheme. As the world turns… Various message boarders were… Read More

  • Samsung updates its Blu-ray players, should fix copy protection playback problems

    A “couple” of weeks translates to this Friday. Samsung will make available updated firmware for its BD-P1000 and BD-P1200 Blu-ray players. The new firmware should fix the playback problems caused by the BD+ copy protection found on discs like “The Day After Tomorrow.” You’ll be able to update your player’s firmware by downloading it from Samsung’s Web… Read More

  • BD+ copy protection makes "Fantastic Four" unplayable on certain Blu-ray players

    The new BD+ copy protection found on “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” and “The Day After Tomorrow” seems to be screwing up playback on a couple Blu-ray players, including those made by Samsung and LG. Users are reporting that the Samsung BDP-1200 and LG BH100 straight up refuse to play the discs and that the Samsung BDP-1000 is having a hard time playing… Read More

  • BackupHDDVD Interview

    As the name implies, BackupHDDVD is a program that allows users to copy HD DVD movies. The program is significant because it thwarted the impenetrable HD DVD DRM AACS (Advanced Access Content System) by simply going around it. Rather than breaking AACS’ copy protection, BackupHDDVD attacks HD DVDs from the content protection side. If you’re still scratching your head over all… Read More

  • Elvis Was a Hero to Most, But That Doesn't Stop me From Downloading the Sun Sessions

    A charming little video by the Futuristic Sex Robotz who seem to be upset by some sort of “copy protection” on music. I suspect they’re just angry because they don’t have big record deals like Nelly Furtado and don’t get to be taken both from behind and the front by rapacious contacts. Next year, boys! via BoingBoing Read More