• A Fancy Cooler Has Stolen The Title Of Most-Funded Kickstarter Project From Pebble

    A Fancy Cooler Has Stolen The Title Of Most-Funded Kickstarter Project From Pebble

    Arguably, Pebble and its record-breaking Kickstarter project woke the slumbering giant that is the smartwatch device category. It should follow, then, that by this time next year we’ll be seeing Android-powered smart coolers from Samsung, LG and every OEM under the sun flooding the market, given that the Coolest Cooler has now knocked the Pebble from its vaunted pedestal, with over… Read More

  • Solar Powered Beer Cooler | CES 2014

    SolarCooler Keeps Your Brews Icy With The Power Of The Sun, But It’ll Cost You $1K

    Every year at CES, the Eureka Park outpost where they stick the scrappy startups is the best damn part of the whole shindig. This is where all the people with a screw loose or a decided lack of good common sense come to peddle their spaghetti-cooking robot or aroma-powered computer – or, as happened this year, their solar-powered beer cooler. SolarCooler is a “world first,”… Read More

  • Thanko Starts Selling The USB Butt Cooler Cushion (Ver. 2)

    Temperatures neared the 40 degree Celsius mark around Tokyo over the weekend – reason enough for Thanko to start selling the so-called USB Hinyari Cushion Ver. 2 [JP], which essentially is a USB-powered cooler/cushion for your butt. The Tokyo-based crap gadget maker has offered a very similar item last summer, and apparently that cushion sold well enough to be updated this year. Read More

  • "Portable" USB cooler notebook stand (Thanko strikes again)

    One of our favorite crap gadget makers, Tokyo-based Thanko, seems to put a lot of thought into their silly products when summer time nears. Or do you have another explanation for things like the USB cooler keyboard, mouse or necktie? The newest idea: A notebook stand, which is (kind of) portable and sports two fans that are supposed to cool down the user working in the summer heat. Read More

  • Thanko strikes again, now sells USB cooler and heater keyboard

    We haven’t heard from crap gadget vendor Thanko in a while, but they are back: This time, the Tokyo-based company presents a keyboard with a built-in heater and cooler [JP]. That means the keyboard will not only keep your hands warm during those cold days in winter but it’s also useful during the summer. Amazing stuff. Obviously Thanko used all their engineering power to create… Read More

  • Rolling Cooler Brings You Tunes, Beer

    I thought this would be a day too late to be useful for your 4th of July reveling before realizing that it rained quite a bit yesterday. So if you have some leftover Keystone Ice from yesterday’s celebrations, why not grab this expensive cooler and head down to the beach in style? The Rolling Cooler is pricey with its $150 pricetag, but it comes with enough room to stack a few… Read More