• Business Heats Up For Recipe Site And Search Engine Cookstr

    Business is heating up for Cookstr, a New York City startup that publishes recipes from top cookbook authors, and provides foodie-oriented search functionality to other branded websites. The company announced a deal with the AARP today, an advocacy group for retired people that will use Cookstr’s content and search engine to help visitors find recipes that fit their… Read More

  • Foodista Tries To Prove That More Cooks In the Kitchen Will Produce A Better Recipe

    How many cooks does it take to produce the perfect recipe? I’d say one, a really good one. Barnaby Dorfman thinks that 1,000 cooks can come up with a better recipe than any single chef, and earlier today he launched Foodista around that premise. It is a Wikipedia for food. Each recipe can be collaboratively edited and improved. Scrumptious photos for each dish are pulled in from… Read More

  • Cookstr Helps You Find Recipes From People Who Know Their Onions

    Here’s one thing that people all over the world will continue to need even in the worst of recessions: food. And while there are many places you can go to if you want to discover great recipes for home cooking, Cookstr is launching a website later tonight at a press event in New York City that takes a different route than all the cluttered and user-generated content sites out there… Read More