• Codlo Kickstarts A Sous Vide Machine For Us Gastronerds

    Codlo Kickstarts A Sous Vide Machine For Us Gastronerds

    Another home sous vide machine is about to enter the market. UK-made Codlo just passed its Kickstarter goal, with only five days to spare. Sous vide is a French method of cooking food sealed in airtight bags in a water bath. The idea is to immerse them in a regulated temperature that isn’t as hot as boiling water, with the intention of cooking them evenly throughout. The original Sous… Read More

  • Panna, A Video-Based Cooking “Magazine” For iOS, Raises $1.35 Million

    Panna, A Video-Based Cooking “Magazine” For iOS, Raises $1.35 Million

    Panna, a video cooking magazine iOS application which connects users to celebrity chefs, has raised $1.35 million in a round of funding led by Anthem Ventures. Others participating include Lerer Ventures, Crosslink Ventures, Maveron, Shari Redstone’s Advancit Capital, RSL Venture Partners, Launchpad LA, David Tisch’s BoxGroup, and angels Rick J. Caruso, Ken Siskind, Jay… Read More

  • Backed or Whacked: Kick the Cook

    Backed or Whacked: Kick the Cook

    Companies keep trying to affix touchscreens to our refrigerators and develop more infomercial-friendly variations of the blender, but the kitchen still remains a relatively low-tech sanctuary. Even as we hurtle toward a Wall-E-era existence of complete automation and leisure, the simple joys of preparing a meal in one’s own kitchen can be invigorating. And while Kickstarter has begun… Read More

  • ZipList’s Web Clipper Turns Pinterest Recipes Into Shopping Lists

    ZipList’s Web Clipper Turns Pinterest Recipes Into Shopping Lists

    ZipList, the shopping list startup nabbed by Condé Nast in April for a reported $14 million, has just added a nifty little tool that makes the “inspirational” imagery found on Pinterest a bit more practical. If you cook and you like pinning stuff, then you’ll like this,too. The company has introduced a web browser button that, when clicked, adds the ingredients from a recipe… Read More

  • Offers Recipe Recommendations To Hungry Webonauts Offers Recipe Recommendations To Hungry Webonauts

    An entrepreneur we met in DC, Mili Mittal, told us about her site, Unfortunately, she didn’t describe it fully, leading me to believe it was far less cool than it really is. That failure has been averted thanks to a quick browse and subsequent salivation. is, in short, a recipe recommendation engine. You like you some cheese? They got you some cheese. You like you some pasta? Read More

  • What Witchery Is This? A Cardboard Camping Pot?

    This Kickstarter project aims to rend the very fabric of space and time. The product is a camping pot for boiling water and doing a little cooking in a pinch but get this: the pot is made of paper. The pot is completely biodegradable and folds flat in your backpack. It’s mostly designed for a single use although you can feasibly boil a few bottle-fulls of water in it over time. The foods… Read More

  • Cooklet Aims To Disrupt The Stodgy Cooking Scene With Gingerbread Carp

    Cooklet Aims To Disrupt The Stodgy Cooking Scene With Gingerbread Carp

    Cooklet, a Poland-based cooking site founded by Grzegorz Trubiłowicz, features a lot of what you’d expect – lots of recipes, a few pictures of happy-looking skinny people who you know don’t eat much food, and some international flare. However, the rise of sites like Cooklet point to a change in the way people find recipes and make food. It’s a transition from the… Read More

  • DIY Sous Vide Cooker

    So you want to make fancy food like all them chefs in them fancy Franch restaurants up in the city there? Do you, fancy boy? Well then you’d best get out into the garridge and start building because me and muther aren’t buying you any Sux Vid cooker for $450 so’s you can cook eggs like some fancy Franch cook. When I was in the army we din’t have food processors, just… Read More

  • Water oven makes slow cookin' that roast a breeze

    We did a little roast beast this year on Christmas, and although it turned out great, there was a huge amount of consternation involving variations in oven temperature, at what intervals to re-baste, and that sort of thing. If only there were a precision cooking instrument in which I could put a vacuum-packed hunk of meat and have it suspended in a perfect mass of temperature-controlled… Read More

  • QooQ – a tablet computer that teaches you how to cook

    [France] Tablets are destined to be the next super trendy tech device. CrunchGear regularly reports on new devices that will be launched by PC or mobile manufacturers, and Apple will one day join the dance. Analysts have announced that the tablet war will take place in 2010 so we just have to be patient. A French company called Unowhy, (which raised 2.9 million euros in April 09) is… Read More

  • Add exact smidgens to your gumbo with this cyber-spoon

    It’s true, anything can be improved. Some clever designer has created what could be the penultimate kitchen gadget. The digital spoon. The issue is, while for general cooking, you can use volume measuring. Normally, just using that one cup measure isn’t going to cause problems. However when you get into more gourmet usage of high end spices, it just doesn’t cut it. So you… Read More