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CES brings us another wave of overpriced ‘smart’ cookware

Wandering around the CES preview events, it’s clear that AI and other smart tech is coming to toasters, grills and all sorts of other devices. As someone who loves to cook, it’s possible t

The best kitchen gifts for techy chefs in 2023

The kitchen is a sacred place. Some chefs insist on keeping things low-tech — Christine’s favorite purchase of the year is a piece of plastic from QVC, and Haje thinks that the Internet of Thi

Kitchen robot Botinkit raises $13M from DJI angel and others

Having worked in the food industry for several years, Shirley Chen saw firsthand the challenges of managing staffing and training for restaurant expansion. So when she met her future co-founders, she

Meet Tovala, a smart oven that aims to perfectly cook ready-made meals in under 30 minutes

Tovala is a new startup out of Y Combinator that came up with what they hope to be a less expensive alternative to professional combination ovens. The Tovala is a smart oven that can bake, boil and st

Alligators! Cupcakes!

While not technically a gadget, the alligator cupcake pan was simply too great not to share. Be sure to eat your cake before it eats you. thanks Cooking Gadgets

How do terrorists drink tea?

Out of terrorist teapots! If you’re angry at that joke, don’t be mad at me. Instead, direct your anger towards the maker the teapot. On the other hand, if you enjoyed it I expect a high-five t

It's on! Holyfield to take on Foreman with new grill!

Of all the gadgets I own, one I absolutely cannot live without is my George Foreman Lean Green Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine, aka the George Foreman Grill. It’s the butt of many jokes, sure, but

Wired for Thanksgiving

Wired’s Gear Factor has put together a list of all the hottest Thanksgiving cooking gadgets. There are many practical items, such as Thermapen’s models 3 and 7 digital cooking thermometers