Alexa will soon gain a memory, converse more naturally, and automatically launch skills

Alexa will soon be able to recall information you’ve directed her to remember, as well as have more natural conversations that don’t require every command to begin with “Alexa.&#8221 gets you out of uncomfortable conversations

Some people are simply the worst. For reasons that are my own fault, I’ve recently been involved in series of conversations that I’d really rather not be having. Enter, a mob

Hubub Raises $8.5M To Be The New Home For Conversations On The Web

On the web, no one can hear you converse – or perhaps they can, but it’s not terribly easy to surface them and have a sustained, engaged dialogue around any particular topic. Threaded comment

Twitter’s Thin Blue Line Is Already Wavering: A Sign Of More Changes To Conversation Threads To Come?

It was <a href="">only a week ago</a> that Twitter updated its web, Android and iO

Twitter Reverses The Flow Of Its Timeline In Effort To Humanize It For Newbies

Twitter just flipped the format of its timeline with a new conversation view. The full timeline will still show in the traditional ‘newest stuff at the top’ view, but now there are linked

Potluck, The Link-Sharing Service For The Rest Of Us, Arrives On iPhone

<a target="_blank" href="">Potluck</a>, the new link-sharing service from the <a target="_blank" href="">team</a> behind social conversation platform <a

Social Conversation Platform Branch Launches To Public, Encourages Users To “Write Like You Talk” With Shorter Thread Starters

<a target="_blank" href="">Branch</a>, a startup focused on enabling high quality public conversations on the web, is today launching to the public. The company is notably backed

HootSuite’s Conversations Adds Real-Time Chat To Its Social Media Dashboard

<a target="_blank" href="">HootSuite</a> has carved out a position as a popular way for businesses to manage their social media profiles on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Lin

Obvious-Backed Branch Comes Out Of Public Beta To Foster Conversations Online

Back in March, Obvious Corporation, the mini accelerator founded by Biz Stone, Ev Williams and early Twitter employee Jason Goldman, <a href="