The SteelSeries Arctis Pro lineup is a new high-water mark in comfort and quality

SteelSeries has two new Arctis Pro gaming headsets out, and they pack a lot of tech and versatility into a comfortable, visually attractive package. The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless and Arctis Pro

SF Motors reveals first two EVs, aims to ship its first SUV by next year

SF Motors has revealed its first two models, electric vehicles aiming for 2018 production and 2019 street dates. The electric vehicle technology company with a headquarters in Silicon Valley, as well

8bitdo’s wireless adapter adds flexibility to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch controllers

Game controller compatibility is a labyrinthine nightmare most of the time: Some controllers work with some platforms some of the time, but it’s very hard to keep track of how and when. 8bitdo&#

RAD is a new system to help the visually impaired play racing games

A PhD candidate in Computer Science at Columbia Engineering, Brian A. Smith, created a new system for blind gamers who want to get a little racing in. The system, called racing auditory display or RAD

Xbox Design Lab lets gamers colorfully customize their controllers

Want to stand out while staying inside playing video games? Microsoft’s got you covered. Along with that shiny new “robot white” Xbox One S, the company unveiled Xbox Design Lab, a site that let

Hands On With PlayStation’s Virtual Reality Headset

Earlier this week, I had a chance to meet with Playstation R&D senior director Richard Marks for a hands-on demo with Project Morpheus, Sony’s attempt at making a virtual reality headset. I got

Nintendo 64 And DS Games Arrive On The Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo just announced that it's bringing Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS consoles to the Wii U's Virtual Console, its app that lets you play older games through software emulation.

Leap Motion Is Bringing Hand Tracking To The OSVR Headset In May

The open-source OSVR virtual reality headset is getting one of its first peripherals in the form of an optional faceplate that brings hand tracking to virtual reality projects via an embedded camera.

The Blank Das Keyboard 4C Is For Mavis Beacon Graduates Only

“She remembered the deck he’d used, the one he’d taken with him, a gray factory-custom Hosaka with unmarked keys. It was a cowboy’s deck; he’d insisted on traveling with

Apple Patents Snap-On Game Controller And Keyboard Accessories For iPhone

Apple has a new patent (via AppleInsider) that covers modular accessories for mobile devices like the iPhone, which include a physical gamepad with action buttons, D-pads and analog joysticks; a QWERT

Microsoft’s Xbox One Controllers Now Work With PCs

I’ve been gaming on a PC lately, and despite some initial frustration, it’s been fun overall. But I’ve also been using an old Xbox 360 controller, even though I have and love Xbox On

Logitech Outs Its $99 iOS Game Controller, And It’s Exactly What You Expected

Here's a noodle-scratcher for you: you have an iOS device and love playing games on it, but you've grown weary of effetely pawing at a touchscreen. What do you do? Well, now that iOS 7 is out on and h

Leap Motion Launches With Limited Appeal, But It Could Be A Ticking Time Bomb Of Innovation

The much-anticipated Leap Motion Controller began shipping to pre-order customers today, as reviews of the input device hit the web. The startup behind the controller has done an impressive job raisin

With The Game D, Techdy Hopes To Fund And Build An Open-Source Game Controller Case For iPad Mini

The iPad mini is a unique device in that it offers much more portability than the standard iPad, while still providing a much bigger screen than the iPhone for more enjoyable gaming. Techdy has recogn

Apple’s Long-Rumored Game Controller May Soon See The Light Of Day

I've long believed that touchscreens leave a certain something to be desired when it comes to playing games, and if a new (and very curious) report holds true, Apple may feel the same way. According t

Hackable Atari Controller For Your MAME Pleasure

<img src="">While I wouldn't say that the <a HREF="">Atari</a> controller is partic

Microsoft Updating Xbox 360 Controller

There’s a rumor making it’s way around the internet this morning, it seems that Microsoft may be launching an updated Xbox 360 controller this coming holiday season. Again, this isn’

DIY: The One-Handed Gamecube Controller

Here’s an interesting hack to start your day. Modder Hasse has a brother with a disability; he’s only able to use one hand. The brother also likes to play video games, and with the way joy

New Sharp LCD controller allows dual displays on mobile devices with half-XGA resolution

<img src="" /> Mobile devices that feature dual displays with half-XGA (480 x 1,024) resolution each? According to Sharp, we can get ce

TRON controllers will be available for purchase

<img src="" />Rejoice user! Devin <a href="
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