• Contest: Win a bunch of NZXT gaming gear

    We’ve got some NZXT gaming gear to giveaway, but we want to ensure that it goes to a gamer and not some chump that will flip the stuff on Ebay. So we’re actually asking you to do something this time around rather than just leaving something in the comments. It should be easy for a gamer though. All you have to do is spray a logo in a game and send us a screenshot. Prizes: Cryo… Read More

  • PSA: Contests & giveaways reminder

    Greetings. This is just a friendly reminder of the contests and giveaways that we have running right now. None of these require you to photoshop anything, take a random pic, or anything that requires any effort at all. Just visit the posts for the details. That is all. Thank you for your attention. HP LX195 Windows Home Server Giveaway MoGo Talk Bluetooth headset Razer Sphex mousepad Read More

  • Reminder: Win a free MoGo Talk Bluetooth headset for your iPhone

    Just a reminder that there’s still time to win a free MoGo Talk iPhone case featuring a super cool 5-millimeter-thin Bluetooth headset built right into it. Fifty readers will be chosen at random on July 10th. You can also get 30% off of anything over $25 in the MoGo Talk store by using promo code crunchgear at checkout. Read More

  • The CrunchGear Remix Contest – Remix Online

    We’re extending the contest deadline to the 7th of June. Participants can now get an exclusive sneak peak into Aviary’s Audio Editor. Head over to and start working on your remix online. When you’re done, upload it and wait until we select the winners. Readers can now listen and vote for uploaded mixes. The top five mixes with the most votes will get a one… Read More

  • The CrunchGear Remix Contest

    Here’s your chance to win a Maschine from NI and other great prizes (see below). Download the tracks of the song This Town by Pandagod, remix it and send it to remix at crunchgear dot com. There are no genre limitations so we encourage you to unleash your creativity. We will judge every single entry and select the best mixes. The winner songs will be professionally mastered and featured… Read More

  • Contest: Guess our bathroom stops, win a bunch of road trip gear including a Nokia N96

    We just got back from our 3,200 mile road trip from Detroit, MI to San Francisco, CA and still have a bunch of gear to giveaway.  This contest is simple: simply guess how many bathroom breaks my wife and I took along the 3,200 road trip. You should know though that my wife, and co-pilot on the trip, is five months pregnant and I had something going on with my bladder for a few days. And yes… Read More

  • Hammacher Schlemmer looking for new product ideas, will pay handsomely

    You guys read about gadgets all day, right? Some of you probably have great ideas for products you’d like to see that haven’t been invented yet. If you share those ideas with Hammacher Schlemmer you could win a minimum of $2,500 plus 20 years worth of a percentage of every product sold through the catalog. Read More

  • Win a trip to space with CrunchGear and Symantec

    That’s right, Major Tom: Symantec wants to blow you just shy of space on a Suborbital Flight for one some time next year. Click here to enter and don’t say we never organized anything to give to you. Read More

  • What holiday TV show will you turn off? Answer and we'll give you a TV-B-Gone

    I’m not suggesting we turn off old Rudolph here, but which holiday TV show or movie would you turn off at your next holiday get-together? The Charlie Brown special? That very special Christmas episode of Scrubs? Fox News? Read More

  • 5 Days of Cleaning Out My Office-Mas Contest: Day 1

    See that pile of junk? There’s more where that came from. I want to give it to you. Why? Because I like you. How can you win it? I’m going to invent some devious contests over the next five days and give away something new and cool to the winner(s) each day. Where is all this stuff coming from? I just redid my upstairs office and found a ton of junk lying around cluttering things up. Read More

  • CG/TC Notebook winners: Your pithy wit etherized like a patient on a table

    As you recall, we were giving away some notebooks from and We asked for your worst lines of overwrought poetry and clearly we struck a nerve because we got 115 examples of some of the worst verse imaginable, plus some folks who couldn’t figure things out. Our first winner, picked at random, is Russell: Read More

  • Holiday Gift Idea: and for custom notebooks

    When I was in Europe two weeks ago I fell in love with Moleskin notebooks. I know I am neither a college-age girl or a pretentious artist but these things are great. The paper is soft and thick, there’s a little pouch for your documents at the end, and they survived the abuse of me running around Paris doing research which is more than I can say for most reporters notebooks I’ve used. Read More

  • Contest Reminder: Win a Peek!

    Target sure loves CrunchGear and we love them for throwing down two Peek e-mail devices (review) for us to giveaway. Now don’t go scoffing about just because it’s not some hotsy-totsy-hotdoggin-showboatin gadget. Not everyone has access to e-mail on their phone and chances are you know some of them. Here’s your chance to hook them up for the upcoming holidays or feel free… Read More

  • And the BlackJack II Winner is…

    [svgallery name=”blackjackers”] Wow. How refreshing. After two years of incessant harangues and angry emails, it’s nice to see people smiling when they think of CrunchGear. As you recall, I have a pink BlackJack II from Samsung to give away to a female who can plead convincingly on camera. The resulting photos, which ranged from kind-hearted to downright nasty (Looking at… Read More

  • Sony announces cockamamie contest to help promote "Quantum of Solace" Okay, maybe it’s not completely ridiculous, but I felt like using cockamamie in a headline. Anyway, Sony launched the “Mission for a Million” contest that runs through November 7 for a chance at $1 million prize. To enter you need to complete missions to recover stolen Sony HDNA and some other shenanigans, which gives you a shot at the… Read More

  • Kingston 8GB SDHC Kit Giveaway: 2nd winner announced, but we've still got 3 more to come

    Round 2 of the 5-part Kingston 8GB SDHC Kit Giveaway spree came to an end last night, and a winner has been drawn. Congratulations to Kevin H. We’ve still got 3 more 8GB SDHC kits to give away before October 2nd. How can you enter? Comment on any MobileCrunch post published between today (9/24) and Friday (9/26). Each post you comment on (including this one) is an entry. Comment on 5… Read More

  • Kingston 8GB SDHC Kit Giveaway: Congrats to our first winner. Who's next?

    Congratulations to the winner of the first round of our Kingston 8GB SDHC card giveaway marathon, Orlando. We’ve still got four to give away over the next 10 days, so be sure to enter! How do you enter? Comment on any story published between 9/21 and 9/23. Every story you comment on is one entry. If you comment on 5 stories, that’s 5 entries. Only one entry per post is counted… Read More

  • MobileCrunch Giveaway: Kingston 8GB microSDHC Mobility kits

    Being the nice chaps they are, Kingston has dropped off a box of 8GB microSDHC kits for our lovely readers. Each kit contains an 8GB Kingston microSDHC card and adapters for SD, miniSD, and USB. We’ve got 5 to give away, and will be giving one away every 3 days until we run dry. So how do you win? Comment. For every story you comment on during each window of 3 days, you’re entered… Read More

  • Beta key giveaway: Newber, the location-aware second line for your iPhone

    This week at CTIA, California’s FreedomVOICE launched Newber (a portmanteau of “New” and “Number”), a secondary business line product for the iPhone. The idea isn’t too far from that of Google’s GrandCentral: One phone number that will always ring on the phone nearest you. GrandCentral’s means of pulling this off is a bit blind, dialing all… Read More

  • Congrats to our CrunchGear Podcast giveaway winner

    Congratulations to Sean R. for winning a copy of The Guild Season 1 (signed by cast members Felicia Day and Sandeep Parikh) during today’s CrunchGear Live podcast. Sean was selected at random from the pool of folks who sent in the secret passphrase we announced during the show. There’s a good chance we’ll be giving away all kinds of goods in future podcasts, so tune in each week! Read More