The Second Day of Festivus Contest: Airing of Grievances

<img src="" class="right">Today is the second day of Festivus during which we will air our grievances. To recap, your in this to w

Five Days of Festivus Contest: Win $500 To Spend On Presents

<img src="">Our friends at <a HREF="">Wishpond</a> are offering $500 to the winner of this week's su

Contest: Happy Cyber Monday, Here's A Portable TV

<img src="">I remember, back in the old days, there wasn't much on TV during family holiday dinners and we

Weekend Giveaway: One Of Two Swatch New Gent Watches

It’s important to accessorize! That’s why I wear the “private” bone of a racoon around my neck on a leather cord and that’s why you need one of two Swatch New Gent Watche

Weekend Giveaway: Miss The Free iPhone Case Cut-off? We Can Help

<img src=""><a HREF="">Cafepress</a> just launched a line of customizable slide-on cas

The Weirdest Meetings Ever: Best Of 2010

We received almost 500 comments on our Fuze iPad contest last weekend and I just got through them all. I’ve picked a few excellent runners-up as well as one winner. Read on to find out who gets

Free "Smartphone Coaster" Inside This Post!

<img src="" />Are you tired of tilting your head to read your phone? Does your grip fail you during the fourth or fifth episode of a <em>B

Weekend Giveaway: Nixon 51-30 PU Watch from Watchismo

<img src="">Our buddy Mitch at Watchismo want to make your weekend a happy one. How? They want to give you a <a HREF="htt

Obamarator: Why Is This In My House?

<img src="">For a while I was on a very interesting list that allowed me to indulge myself, as it were, with various devices designed to

Contest: For You, My Friend, An Epson WorkForce 635

<img src="" alt="" title="wf635_fca-cor-cn_396x264">What could be better on a fine morning like this than an <a HREF="h

FUD 4 UR BUKKIT: Win a $50 Hardee's Gift Card

<img src="">Hardee's is apparently turning 50 this month (they have a <a HREF="

Weekend Giveaway: You Rock Guitar… Like a Hurricaine

Are any of you intending to rock? Well then I salute you and offer one of two You Rock Guitars from InspiredInstruments. This $199 git-fiddle is actually a MIDI guitar that connects with either the Wi

Lunchtime Giveaway: A Free Copy of "Blaze: Fire Puzzle" for iPhone

Bored? Don’t have anything to play when you hit the old WC at work? Why not win a free copy of Blaze: Fire Puzzle from Handmark. I have 15 copies to give away, 8 to folks who tweet me with the h

Weekend Giveaway: A 1TB ioSafe SoloPRO Rugged Hard Drive

<img src=""> In honor of the launch of <a HREF="">ioSafe's</a> new <a HREF="ht

The Happiest CrunchGear Reader Ever

<img src="">JRob won our <a href="">Proton Pack Bac

Contest: Win a Ghostbusters Proton Pack*

<img src="">Happy Saturday! Today is Ghostbusters Day on CrunchGear and to celebrate we're giving away one fr

Don't Forget About Our Facebook Contest!

In case you missed it yesterday, all you need to do is hop on over to our Facebook page and Like us to have a chance to win a Timbuk2 and Logitech prize pack. Are we using unreleased products to lure

Contest: Like Us. Please Like Us

We were just visiting our Facebook page and realized that we, unlike so many, weren’t caring enough about it. To that end, we hope to encourage you, dear Facebook lover, to Like us long enough t

Giveaway: Win a Cadence 4-bit Binary Watch

Here’s your chance to win a Cadence 4-bit binary watch of your very own. We published our review of the 4-bit this weekend, and it’s a great watch, and a good value to begin with. Now it&#

Giveaway: Grip-It Controller Covers

Grip-It: Some sort of rubber analog stick condoms for the Dual Shock and Xbox controller that claim to reduceĀ slippage. They just came in the mail and I would rather pass them along than put ’e
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