Cast out from the ice halls of his father Othin, doomed to carry the world serpent in his teeth as he wings his justice across the face of the dead earth, great world-eater Thor is here to mete justic

Weekend Giveaway: Something Called An iPad Two (??)

<img src=""> A company called <a HREF="">PunchTab</a> wants to test their new contest entry system

Weekend Giveaway: A 16GB BlackBerry Playbook

<img src="">A few weeks ago we gave away a BlackBerry Playbook and, much to your disappointment, you didn't win. In orde

Contest: Away Put Your Weapon, I Mean You To Win A Star Wars Prize

<img src="" />It is May 4th aka Force Day. On this day we must celebrate the cultural phenomenon that is St

Weekend Giveaway: A Mixtape Watch For You And Yours

It’s Friday Friday Friday and you need to get ready for some fun, fun, fun! What better way to prove you’re not a stuffy old accountant’s assistant (even if you you are, no judgment)

Weekend Giveaway: An Authentic Darth Vader Costume

Spring is upon us and a young geek’s mind turns to thoughts of love. And what better way to win the heart of the guy (or girl) of your dreams than to dress up like Darth Vader in a completely au

Weekend Giveaway: A Blackberry Playbook

I was originally going to write something like “Weekend Giveaway: An iPod Classic Case Plus Something Else” and then make you guys read the whole post to find out that I was going to inclu

Weekend Giveaway: A Tagged Tumi Bag

<img src="" />This weekend we have a jam for the ladies (and the fashion forward men.) Tumi would like to off

Weekend Giveaway: One Of 10 Zazzle iPhone Cases

<img src="">You may recall Shakespeare's opinion of iPhone cases. I quote from his famous play, <i>The Twe

CafePress Wants To Give You A CrunchGear iPhone 4 Case

<img src="" class="center" /> Happy Thursday! <a href="">CafePress</a

Contest: Shave The Pain Away For V-Day

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Gillette</a>, everyone's favorite company, is offering you, everyone's favori

Contest: Would It Kill You To Dress Up? Jackthreads Can Help

Jackthreads, a Thrillist company, is offering a sweet $200 so you can maybe get a nice pair of pants or a shirt to wear on Valentine’s Day so you (and I mean this in the nicest way) won’t

Valentine’s Giveaway: New York Readers, Win An Electric Car Love Date From Hertz

Not to be outdone by Zipcar, Hertz recently launched Connect by Hertz, a car sharing service. In order to stay hip, they’ve started renting out electric cars like the wee Smart fourtwo and they

Hump Day Giveaway: ThinkFun Solitaire Chess

So, What Did You Get?

Good morning! Hope all is well. I’m sitting on the couch eating fake food from my daughter’s new plastic kitchen and my son is playing with a “Darda Power Loop Pyramid,” a comp

Nikon Gives You A Chance To Shoot With A Nat Geo Photographer

<img src="" />This would be one of those "once in a lifetime" opportunities. Nikon has announced a contest that will allow an aspiring

Contest: J-List Wants You To Have A Happy J-Christmas

Our buddy Peter at J-List doesn’t have a lot of Yule Logs or mistletoe in Tokyo but he does have some Japanese goodies for you and yours. He’s offering one of the following prizes to one l

The Last Day Of Festivus Contest: The Miracle

Today is the final day of our Festivus contest and it’s a doozy. This is a secret word hunt that we’ll run all day. At the end of some of our posts, you’ll find an all caps word writ

Festivus Contest Day 4: Feats of Strength

You’ve stuck by us all this time and that $500 prize from Wishpond is one step closer! Judging from the lackluster response so far, clearly people don’t want free money which means there&#

Festivus Contest Day 3: The Festivus Dinner

<img src="">You've completed your Festivus pole and you've finished your airing of grievances. Now it's time for Festivus Dinner.
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