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Twitch’s money guy talks about the revenue split controversy and its monetization long game

Twitch has had a tense year, in part due to community backlash over policy changes that affect the way creators can monetize their content.  Last year, the company announced that it would end the 70/

YouTube is lowering the barrier to be eligible for its monetization program

YouTube is lowering the requirements for creators to get access to monetization tools under the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). The company is expanding its shopping affiliate program to U.S.-based cre

YouTube expands its Super Thanks monetization tool to all eligible creators

YouTube is expanding its Super Thanks feature to all eligible creators in the YouTube Partner Program, the company announced on Tuesday. The feature lets viewers tip creators for individual uploaded v

Fewcents raises $1.6M to help publishers take payments for individual articles, videos and podcasts

Many publishers are focused on converting visitors to subscribers, but there’s another important bracket: people who want to view a premium article or video, but not enough to sign up for a subscrip

Bumble is hiring an Editorial Director to build out its media brand

Bumble, the female-led dating app founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd in 2014, is diving head first into content. The company is hiring Clare O’Connor as its first Editorial Director, who will work di

Kiosked Nabs $5.75M From Rovio Chairman To Give Publishers An Alternative To Banner Ads

Banner ads have been around for over a decade, and though they may have been effective back in the mid-'90s, today they just feel like relics. You probably can't remember the last time you clicked on

Perfect Market Raises $9 Million More To Boost Content Visibility, Publishers' Revenue

<img src="" class="shot2"><img> Perfect Market Inc. has raised another $9 million — bringing its total funding to $28