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AudiencePlus wants to help every company run its own media platform

It used to be that having a corporate blog and some paid content was the gist of your marketing department’s content efforts, and that was enough. But as larger companies like Salesforce and HubSpot

Design and implement a content governance system to increase ROI

Vanity metrics don’t measure how engaged potential customers are; they simply gauge the relative popularity of your business.

HubSpot is the latest SaaS company to woo creators

It’s getting harder these days to get your buyer’s attention. It used to be that you paid for some ads and threw up some blog posts and you were pretty much good to go, but as these channe

Why so many SaaS companies are launching their own media operations

Around 2003, as blogs began to take hold, it became clear that these writing tools could be more than an outlet for an individual's ruminations — they also had potential for business and marketing.

Setting up high-conversion lead magnets that deliver value

Sales stand and fall on leads, but attracting prospects and optimally converting them into buyers is an art that many have yet to grasp.

Demand Curve: How Ahrefs’ homepage educates prospects to purchase

This post tears down the homepage of Ahrefs, covering the key sections of a landing page so that you can apply their conversion tactics and copywriting strategies to your startup's homepage.

Demand Curve: Avoid these 10 copywriting mistakes to get more conversions

Copywriting isn’t about combining the right words to sell your product — it’s how your messaging connects with users. By improving a few words, your copy can better convince people to become cus

How to execute an amplified marketing strategy

Marketers need a new plan of action that puts creativity before quantity, audience before engine, and sets connection as the top priority. They need an amplified marketing strategy.

Why generic marketing approaches don’t work on software developers

Developer marketer Adam DuVander explains why education should be the focus for companies that market directly to developers.

Performance marketing agency MuteSix bets on content and data to boost DTC e-commerce

We interviewed MuteSix CRO Greg Gillman to discuss how the LA-based performance marketing agency bets on content and data to work with its direct-to-consumer e-commerce clients.

Making a splash in the marketing world

“There are three common blunders that most SaaS marketers make time and again when it comes to clarity and high-converting content,” says Konrad Sanders, founder and CEO of The Creative Copywriter

Romanian marketing expert Robert Katai explains how to get the most out of your content

There's a lot of advice out there on how to grab people's attention, but there's one aspect of marketing that Robert Katai thinks isn't talked about as often: maintaining their attention.

HubSpot CEO moving to exec chairman role as company promotes Yamini Rangan to CEO

Boston-based CRM company HubSpot announced today that co-founder and CEO Brian Halligan would be stepping into the executive chairman role and Chief Customer Officer Yamini Rangan would be taking over

Demand Curve: Tested tactics for growing newsletters

There are very few marketing channels as well rounded as email newsletters. They provide a direct line of communication; nearly 40x ROI, are infinitely scalable and virtually free. CEO Karl Hughes on the importance of using experts in developer marketing

Developer marketing came up in our conversation with strategic marketing firm MKT1, so we called on content marketing production company's CEO Karl Hughes to learn more.

Unmuted founder Max van den Ingh on success beyond the metrics

"You have to understand that working at a startup often feels like you’re standing on the edge of a cliff. And that’s also the moment you’re at your most creative."

The MKT1 interview: Growth marketing in 2021, hiring versus outsourcing and more

Excerpts from our Twitter Spaces chat with MKT1 founders Emily Kramer and Kathleen Estreich on the growth marketing industry, when to hire a marketer and when a startup should consider outsourcing.

Growth marketing roundup: Cool SaaS, marketing lies, VR ads and more

TechCrunch is searching for the best growth marketers for founders to work with. Click through to learn about some of our favorites.

5 questions startups should consider before making their first marketing hire

Your first marketer will have an outsized impact on team dynamics as well as the overall strategic direction of the brand, product and company.

Even startups on tight budgets can maximize their marketing impact

A startup’s best marketing asset is its story. The knowledge and expertise of its team, together with the why and the how of its offering provides the most compelling content.
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