• Computer makers' tech support quality compared

    LAPTOP recently pit the big computer vendors’ customer service offerings against one another with two phone calls to each, one asking how to change power settings on a laptop and the other asking how to switch to an external monitor that’d been hooked up. Not that anyone who reads this site would ever, ever need to call customer support for any reason whatsoever, but at least you… Read More

  • Dell sells 19-inch monitors in Taiwan for $15 by accident, may have to ship them

    Oopsies. Dell’s Taiwan website recently listed a 19-inch monitor for the equivalent of about $15 for eight hours before being fixed. Naturally, orders flooded in left and right and when Dell refused to ship the monitors, people complained. Read More

  • Sony says PSPgo is expensive because it's new

    If you curled your lip and slowly shook your head when Sony announced that the PSPgo would cost $249, you weren’t alone. So it’s perhaps even more irksome when the head of Sony Europe just comes right out and says that you’re paying a premium price just because the PSPgo is new. What’s with all the honesty, Sony? Read More

  • NFL Red Zone Channel may not be free on Comcast after all

    You may recall that exactly one week ago, your old buddy Doug got all bonered up about NFL Network and Comcast finally reaching an amicable agreement. In particular, it was starting to sound like Comcast subscribers would not only get NFL network at no extra charge, but that we’d also get the very-excellent Red Zone Channel for free as well. I mentioned that it “seems way too good… Read More

  • Is Acer's 11.6-inch netbook being recalled? [UPDATE]

    Although Acer officially announced its 11.6-inch netbook, the Aspire One A0751h, on Monday as “available now,” nobody’s been able to find one in a US store, online or otherwise. A few of our readers have indicated that the machines are (or were) on display in their local Wal-Mart stores although nobody has been able to actually buy one. Read More

  • FiOS reseller undercuts Verizon's own prices

    If you happen to live in one of Verizon’s FiOS coverage areas, you might be interested to know that at least one ISP is reselling the exact same internet service for almost $50 per month cheaper depending on the speed tier. DSL Extreme, a California-based ISP, has introduced what it’s calling “Fiber Extreme” — not to be confused with organic cereal — at… Read More

  • Best Buy cuts salaries, yet looks to product demos to drive high-end home theater

    With retail electronics stores closing down faster than the backwards-spinning water in an Australian toilet bowl, Best Buy is now trying to figure out how to compete with remaining high-volume, low-price super retailers like Wal-Mart. And while trying to take on Wal-Mart’s ultra aggressive pricing isn’t necessarily in the cards, “Best Buy supposedly intends to create… Read More

  • Wal-Mart sells box of rocks disguised as Nintendo DS (twice)

    I’ve worked plenty of thankless retail jobs so I can sympathize with the grind but please, customer service people, check the boxes of stuff that gets returned to your store. A Nintendo DS box filled with rocks and newspaper was apparently returned to a Wal Mart store in Florida, then put back on the floor TWICE, and sold to a mother who gave it to her son as a birthday present. Read More

  • Repossession going electronic with remote vehicle disablers

    Missing a payment on a leased car might get a whole lot dicier in the near future as more and more dealerships are equipping vehicles with devices capable of disabling vehicles remotely. Termed “electronic reposession,” drivers will be reminded to pay the car’s bill thanks to a non-stop series of annoying beeps if payment hasn’t been received within 24 hours of the… Read More

  • Time Warner tiered broadband pricing to top out at $150 per month

    Time Warner has been testing out a “consumption based billing” structure for its broadband internet service in Beaumont, Texas and plans to expand the trials to San Antonio and Austin; Rochester, New York; and Greensboro, North Carolina sometime this summer. Up to this point, bandwidth has been capped at 5-, 10-, 20-, and 40-gigabyte levels ranging from $30 to $55 per month, but… Read More

  • US Airways steals kid’s Xbox, he sues, airline says it’s not liable for stolen electronics

    While I’m sure it’s super fun to stuff your gaming console in your carry-on luggage so it doesn’t get stolen, it’s not all that practical. Yale University student Jesse Maiman found that out the hard way when his Xbox 360 disappeared from his checked luggage on a US Airways flight. Read More

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