• He said, she said: Consumerist vs. Monster Cable — Fight!

    [photopress:24121.jpg,full,left]So the Consumerist published a post about how Monster Cables are overpriced and unnecessary, and don’t really add that much, if anything, to the listening experience. So Monster wrote back, drafting a letter detailing that it’s the retailers who set the very high prices, not Monster. Sadly, Monster doesn’t do any damage to the (true) claim that… Read More

  • Gawker Launches New Blog, Consumerist

    Gawker continues to drive its busines forward amidst rumors of an acquisition in the works with the New York Times. In addition to their recent deal to promote their content within Yahoo, Gawker today announced the launch of its newest blog, The Consumerist, a humorous slant on today’s consumptive world: “We here at Gawker Media love to spend our money, but we hate being treated… Read More