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Analysts cut 2023 tech spending predictions as consumers hold back

Predicting spending is a tricky business, especially in a period of economic uncertainty. Perhaps that’s why both IDC and Gartner have cut their fall predictions in the new year, with Gartner now pr

Consumer spending in apps to reach $156B across iOS and Google Play by 2023

Consumer spending in mobile apps across both Apple’s App Store and Google Play will grow by 120 percent to reach $156 billion worldwide by 2023, according to a new report out today from app stor

Target expands its 1 percent back loyalty program, Target Circle, to more US markets

Target is expanding access to its new loyalty program that rewards shoppers for returning to its stores by offering 1 percent back on their next trip, among other perks. The program, called Target Cir

Trucking logistics company NEXT Trucking takes in a $21 million haul

As e-commerce and on-demand services capture increasingly larger shares of consumer spending, the methods of how things move around the world are getting their moment in the sun. Long a backwater of t

What marketers can learn from the economy of convenience

If you think about it, money is a ridiculous concept. Without going into a William Jennings Bryan gold standard history lesson, let’s just say the idea that I can hold this thing, this little clo

Consumer Electronics Association predicts 3.5 percent sales growth (but that's not really good news)

The Consumer Electronics Association—the folks who organize CES, which I just registered for a few minutes ago—have whipped up a study that shows a 3.5 percent growth in consumer spending

Retailer warns Sony not to abuse its newfound Blu-ray position: Consumers like regular DVD just fine

[photopress:sonybrrrrr.jpg,full,center] Hold your horses, sports fans. Don’t go declaring Blu-ray the winner of anything just yet, despite the fact that Toshiba original story titlethrew in the