Breath-based glucose sensor developed (and why it may never make it to market)

<img src="">I guess since I’m the resident diabetic at CrunchGear that I should write all the diabetes-related stories. Good old diabe

Wherein we speculate why the BlackBerry Storm doesn't have Wi-Fi

Why is it that the BlackBerry Storm doesn’t have Wi-Fi? If you believe BoyGenius—and how could you not!—it’s because Verizon Wireless doesn’t want it to have Wi-Fi. That&

Does the Bilderberg Group have anything to do with the iPhone?

The Bilderberg Group is meeting in Chantilly, VA right now, right outside of DC, and Bilderberg conspiracists are pretty excited, blaming Hilary’s decision to bow out on the machinations of the

UN agency doesn't rule out sabotage in undersea cable outages

Maybe it was sabotage? Hmmmmmm The International Telecommunications Union, a UN organization, has not ruled out sabotage as the cause of some of those undersea cable outages that plagued the Middle Ea

It's conspiracy day: Man who invented water fuel cell mysteriously poisoned (years ago)

Continuing with Biggs’ “down with Big Oil” mantra from earlier today, check out this suspicious (and yes I know, old old old) video that I originally heard about on Opie & Anthon

Former Owner Faces Jail Time

From a consumer standpoint, was pretty close to the perfect music service — dirt cheap, easy to use, and the choice of how you wanted your music encoded. Oh, and no DRM. But mix in

Gotcha! Spider Torture

Alright, I’ll admit it. I’m arachnophobic. It’s like my only fear. Well that and germs. But that’s the only other thing. Aside from little people and gingers, though those aren